From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja

The president of Aretean School, Abuja, Uloma Rochas Nwosu, has said that teaching the children the different cultures and traditions in the country irrespective of their backgrounds would curb the increasing rate of socioeconomic challenges in the country.

Uloma, while speaking at the AREWA day celebration of the school, stressed that education is beyond reading and writing, adding that there is strength in diversity.

She added that the school is building a new generation of leaders that could take the country back on the track of love and unity.

“Here in Aretean school, we believe that a huge part of education, is understanding of culture, and that understanding of our culture is the main foundation for building future leaders.

Today, we decided to celebrate the AREWA culture. As children, understanding their heritage and that of other children will create unity and a high level of responsibility and tolerance for other people’s cultures and that is how will build better leaders.

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President Ugwumba leadership Foundation, Abuja Uche Nwosu in his remarks stated that no nation can develop without paying attention to its culture and traditions.

Nwosu lamented that most Nigerians are misunderstanding the difference between culture and religion.”No Nation can survive without its culture and traditions. It is good to catch them young, by the time they grow with the knowledge of other people’s traditions, the issues of tribalism will be a thing of the past in Nigeria.”

The Mother of the Day, Dr Mario Tanko Almakura appreciated the school for teaching the children their heritage at an early stage.

Almakura explained that when culture is properly imbibed in the younger generation, there won’t be space for division.

She said: ” I want to thank you for starting early because if our culture is properly taught, there will be peace and unity in the country.”