From Aniekan Aniekan, Calabar

As part of its plans to redevelop various tourist sites and offerings in the state, the cross-river state government says it is set to offer a five star boat service at the Marina Resort.

The Managing director of the State Tourism Bureau Prince Ojoi Ekpenyong disclosed this in calabar.

He said the government is partnering with an investor to revamp the over 170 years old Elder Dempsey’s anchor at the resort and make it a beautiful floating jetty.

According to him, “The Marina resort has always been a jetty at the water front, we have always had a jetty there as far back as the eighteenth century.

“The anchor you have there is Elder Dempster’s anchor it was a shipping line berthing the Europeans who came to explore the estuary of Calabar.

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“We had an old jetty that was decaying and weighing out and this jetty front is a historical relic.

“What we did is to introduce a VVIP transport facility that will bring the best of best into the marina.

“We have good intentions, the governor gave the go ahead and today we have restored that jetty it’s a beautiful floating jetty and the services there are not the kind of services that you can see anywhere”, he said.

He said the quality of service that is going to be rendered in the marina boat service is not just transportation alone there is going to be a leisure boat.

In his words, “you can make a ride to Tinapa floating across the river, a ride to Akwa Ibom and back, you can do your tour, go to the NPA area its not just going to be a transport jetty”, he said.