By Lukman Olabiyi

Patriotic Nigerian Forum, (PNF), an NGO, has urged President Bola Tinubu to establish a National Charity Trust Fund (NCTF) to raise money from privileged Nigerians and philanthropists.

The group at a press conference addressed by it leaders in Lagos, said establishment of NCTF by the president had became necessary in order to stem the economic downtown beyond palliatives.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Eric Oluwole said Nigeria can raise no fewer than N 5 trillion through a charity fund raising to help the poor. Noted that Nigeria has no fewer than 5000 philanthropic individuals and organisations who can donate freely to help the social safety net of the Federal Government.

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The group commended the efforts of President Tinubu to deal with the very messy economic situation he inherited.

‘We call on him to, as part of the ways to revamp the economy, bring all philanthropic organisations and individuals in Nigerian together in a round table. Each year, Mr President should appeal to them to make yearly contributions into a Charity Trust Fund (CTF), the fund raise should be used to address the plight of poor children across the country.
From our research, there are about 2000 philanthropic individuals and organisations in Nigeria each of which is in a position to raise up to 20 millions every year to support the fund. This fund can hit trillion”, he said.

The group also called on President Tinubu to establish the Office of Philanthropy Commission with a Special Adviser who will coordinate Nigerian philanthropists all over the world for effective fund raising for the prosperity, peace and stability of Nigeria.