From Abel Leonard, Lafia

In a stunning turn of events, the Nasarawa State House of Assembly found itself in the midst of a leadership crisis as two speakers emerged from conflicting proceedings on Tuesday.

The immediate past speaker, Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi, and Mr. Daniel Ogah Ogazi, representing Kokona East constituency, have both laid claim to the position of speaker, intensifying the dispute.

The first election took place at the Ministry for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, where Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi was elected as speaker. However, in a parallel proceeding held at the State Assembly complex, Daniel Ogah Ogazi emerged as the speaker, further complicating the already tumultuous situation.

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The dual speakership has thrown the Nasarawa State House of Assembly into disarray, with lawmakers and political stakeholders expressing concern over the implications of this unprecedented situation. The conflicting proceedings have raised questions about the legitimacy of the speakers and the potential impact on the functioning of the assembly.

While details regarding the circumstances leading to the dual speakership remain scarce, political analysts anticipate that the situation may lead to further power struggles and political maneuvering within the assembly. The dispute could potentially hinder legislative activities and impede the effective governance of the state.