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For an entrepreneur like Cody James Cruz AKA Cooler, almost nothing is new in the world of business.

He has gathered a lot of experience in digital marketing, talent management, voice-over artistry and is a seasoned entrepreneur. One of his distinct characters is helping young businesses grow. Every successful business was once a startup business, so Cody James Cruz knows the challenges these businesses face every day.

So, what are Cody’s views on how businesses should stay successful?

First, he believes that businesses should stay ahead of the ever-changing business world. This means that as the business world and the needs of clients are changing, so also should businesses change.

You cannot be doing the same thing every time and expect different results, according to Cody James Cruz .

In his own words, “What used to be holds no water in the world we are entering today.” That should send a strong message to business owners to try and keep up with the changing demands of the market. One of the best ways to do that is to urge your employees to give their all.

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Now, urging your employees to give their all will require you to show them a certain level of goodwill. Their needs need to be catered for, just the way the needs of clients are treated. You cannot expect your employees to give you their best when they are not satisfied or happy working with you.

Then, as a business owner, you will need to identify your customers and make sure they, too, are satisfied. Have you noticed that the growth and success of a business largely depend on the satisfaction of both the staff and the clients? Yes, it does.

Form a personal relationship with them, understand them, know their fears, goals, ambitions, and aspirations, then you will be able to get through to them and give them all the satisfaction they need. Quality content is another good way to satisfy your clients.

A business owner also has to focus more energy on strengthening the workforce with vibrant and innovative members instead of depending solely on advancing technologies. These technologies do not run themselves, and it will take the best of employees to manipulate the best of technologies.

In summary, a business needs to change with the times, satisfy its staff with enough goodwill and welfare, concern itself with satisfying the customers, and depend less on advancing technologies and more on an innovative and creative staff for it to thrive in the new world we are being ushered into.
Cody James Cruz believes that if these conditions are met, a business will stand the test of time.


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