From Idu Jude Abuja

The Federal Government of Nigeria has said that it will begin the test run of locomotive engines converted from diesel to gas in line with the presidential order to switch to CNG.

The Minister of Transportation Senator Said Alkali, revealed this Monday at Idu National Railway Station Abuja, said that the Government intends to reduce drastically the cost of maintenance as well as maintain a clean environment against carbon emissions.

The Minister, said, “We have come to assess, what we have been putting up for the last month and to interface with the engineers to further analyze the possibility of converting our locomotives from diesel to gas. So far we have interacted with the engineers and the process has reached the advanced stage, the engine is to be test-run and I can tell you that this is the first of its kind in the whole of the African Continent”.

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Interestingly, Senator Alkali said that the engine is going to work on 30 per cent of diesel and 70 per cent on gas. This he said indicates that at the time the driver starts the engine, it uses diesel, but when it is fully engaged, it then automatically switches over to gas for the rest of the journey.

The Minister, also informed that the target is to bring down the cost of maintenance to about sixty to seventy per cent as well as control carbon emissions because that is the only way to control local environmental hazards.

He revealed that the test run would begin from Abuja, Kaduna rail corridor noting that this has become necessary because the nitro fitting workshop will be taking place in Abuja designed to aid the test run process beginning from June 11. after which the same can be applied to other corridors across the country.

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