The death toll from a cholera outbreak in Yemen rose to 1,146 over the past two months, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said, on Tuesday.

The UN health agency said the outbreak affected 20 of Yemen’s 22 provinces since it was first reported at the end of April.

Cholera, which is contracted through contaminated water and causes severe diarrhea and vomiting, is easily treatable and preventable.

Yet, the outbreak came at a time when over half of Yemen’s healthcare facilities were no longer functional because of ongoing war between the Saudi-backed government and Iran-aligned rebels.

Report says the disease can kill within hours if left untreated.

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Recently, not less than 187 deaths were recorded, in addition to almost 38,000 suspected cases.

WHO noted on Twitter on Monday that “there are 166,976 suspected cases since April 27.”

The UN however estimated that some 7.6 million people live in Yemen’s cholera-threatened areas.

Yemenis have been suffering from significant lack of access to food, clean water, as well as medication that resulted in the spread of cholera. (NAN)