In a commendable effort to combat unemployment and equip the youth with essential skills, Data Entry Academy, an initiative founded by Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze, is making waves across Africa. With a focus on narrowing the digital and workplace skills gap, the academy has transformed the lives of thousands, providing them with practical digital skills crucial for the modern workforce.


Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze, a seasoned Chartered Accountant and former Head of Finance at Jumia Nigeria, envisioned a solution to the unemployment crisis. Rather than accepting it as a fate, she believed in empowering the young workforce with practical digital tools. Thus, Data Entry Academy emerged as a pivot from Accountinghub, a firm she founded in 2016, which later transitioned into an Edtech venture in 2022.

Data Entry Academy’s core mission is to become the leading provider of workplace digital skills acquisition training across Africa. With 12 successful batches, the academy has trained 8,939 participants, demonstrating an impressive track record. Notably, over 80% of the students are female, highlighting the academy’s commitment to empowering women in the workforce.

Participants of one of the Batches executed a stocktaking event for an American company, counting over 60,000 books. This practical application of skills showcased the academy’s commitment to providing hands-on experience.

Reverend Benjamin expressed joy as his son automated tasks in various church projects after learning from Data Entry Academy. 

A proof that the academy not only focuses on individual growth but extends its impact to community projects.

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Even entrepreneurs like Baba Risi found value in applying data entry skills to his business, demonstrating the versatility and applicability of the academy’s teachings.

Chichi, a participant, earned 100,000 Naira for a 2-hour job on Upwork, showcasing the global employability of those equipped with Data Entry Academy skills.

Vincent structured his business using the skills learned at the academy, while Shakirat transitioned to become a Business Automation Consultant, illustrating the diverse paths graduates can take.

Precious organized her wedding using skills acquired at Data Entry Academy, emphasizing the academy’s impact on personal life milestones beyond professional growth.

Under the leadership of Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze, the academy operates with a lean team of three dedicated women and an outsourced tech consultant. Their commitment is reflected in the academy’s ability to make a substantial impact with minimal resources.

As Data Entry Academy continues to shape the workforce of tomorrow, the academy aims to explore collaborations with organizations sharing their vision. Their unique Adult-Montessori teaching style captures a wide range of participants, ensuring that individuals at different levels can benefit from the curriculum.