Branama TV, a fully Nigerian children’s television channel has commenced broadcasting services from its headquarters in Lagos Nigeria. Branama TV is the flagship project of Branama Media Limited, a broad-spectrum media production company.

The broadcast channel which operates on the Startimes Network can be watched on Channel 135. It is a children’s channel broadcasting variety of continental and intercontinental programmes that are highly informative, educative and entertaining, suitable for family viewing. The concept of Branama TV is to provide niche programming for children between age 0 and 13 who are mostly left out in broadcast content consideration, currently.

“It is interesting that over the past 32 years since deregulation, as the broadcast media landscape of Nigeria opened, content for children has been on the decline. Years back, there was a children’s belt on TV with quality locally produced programmes. Today, this is not the case. The African Charter on Children’s Broadcasting, stipulates that children should hear, see and express themselves, their culture, their language and their life experiences, through the electronic media which affirm their sense of self, community and place. The National Broadcasting Commission code section 4.2.2 k even speaks of 10% airtime to be allotted to children but this is not being done for various reasons. Funding is a key challenge too,” says Betty Dibiah, the Founder of Branama TV.

“Studies have shown that children 14 and under, make up about 40% of Nigeria’s population. Other studies have also shown that not much about them except the odd bad story or the odd exceptional achievement make the airwaves. The time to return local content for children on TV with adequate airtime is now. Hopefully the government is listening, to support this initiative and the many individual efforts with much needed funding, relevant policy implementation structures to ensure that the children have the right orientation through broadcasting quality content/messaging. This will ensure proper children’s development for the benefit of the society,” she added.

Branama TV says it is coming with creative strategies on traditional and new media, to contribute to the development of the sector with the knowledge that there are immense opportunities for growth.
Currently, Branama TV is working with reputable local producers to add to our ‘original’ content in addition to exceptional content we have sourced from some international organisations who are excited about this initiative. We are open to working with as many local producers as possible because only the best for the children and the family, can come out of such collaborations. We also have a string of in-house productions with Nigerian children as participants.

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Our goal is to be known for quality content that can also be exchanged with nations and partners across the globe who yearn for great Africa children’s content.

Globally, the children’s media sector gets government support to the tune of millions of dollars. The BBC in the UK is one major commissioning body and the PBS in the US. Both are great examples where it is understood that the media plays an important role in helping shape the minds of little children. Support for Early Childhood Development initiatives is imperative for societal development. Government has a major role to play here with funding and policy enforcement structures. The policies are there.

A well supported vibrant children’s media sector is what we owe the vibrant children of Nigeria. As the global icon from South Africa , Nelson Xolihlahla Mandela once said, “there is no keener revelation into a society’s soul than the way it treats its children.”

The Branama TV team is led by seasoned broadcast journalist Betty Dibiah who is quite passionate about the representation of children in the media as well as the representation of the communities to the children, in the language they will be excited about. The team has collective experience in the media and working with children of more than 70 years. Our vision is to provide a learning and entertainment platform for the millions of Nigerian children who have so much to show and learn. They will get the psychological satisfaction of seeing themselves on TV doing the things they watch other children from other parts of the world doing. We began test transmission in December 2023 and hope to grow a brand that will fly Nigeria’s flag high.
Our promise is good quality, indigenous and original content, produced according to global production best practices that guide children’s media.