There are human angels…

There are still people you meet and your life will be transformed for good. This was the view of Mrs. Chinwe Ezenwata, a 45-year-old widow with four children between the ages of nine and 15, who were left destitute after their father died mysteriously. At the moment of utter despair, she got connected with Anyiego Foundation and after a deep analysis of her position, Chinwe was rehabilitated and empowered by the foundation. She was one of the hundreds of widows who benefitted from AnyiEgo foundation’s interest-free loan empowerment scheme for widows.

Founded on October 20, 2018, by Jerry Ifeanyi and his wife, Anyiego Foundation, a non-profit organisation, has emerged as a reputable humanitarian and welfare organisation, putting smiles on people’s faces.

Within 365 days, the foundation has recorded many successful humanitarian outreaches in Lagos and the South-East. We pray that God Almighty will bless them more and may the foundation continue to grow from generation to generation.

A native of Ihiala in Anambra State, Jerry Ifeanyi is the CEO of Ocean Growth Homes, Lekki, a real estate mogul and developer. His wife, Tricia Ifeanyi, is a humble woman with a heart of gold, and together this spectacular couple derive joy from seeing the creases on the sun-burnt faces of the downtrodden and destitute unwrap into beautiful smiles with joy. Little wonder the foundation has the motto; “Putting smiles on people’s faces.”

This godly couple who see their philanthropy and intervention activities as the integral secret of their triumph in life and their part of their deal with the Divine Creator.

It is no surprise, therefore, that, within this first 365 days of its existence, Anyiego Foundation has visited prisons, the homeless and orphanage homes. This couple has through the foundation, which they sponsor with their half a dozen businesses, alleviated several hundreds of persons from poverty. Indeed, like the earlier story implied, many widows have been empowered. Several students have also been given scholarship, and business startups empowered via Anyiego Foundation. And the list of intervention scheme continues.

Education-friendly foundation

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Those who have come in contact with the couple behind the Anyiego Foundation attest to the fact that they are committed to lifelong learning. That is why they are ever ready to listen to other people and sincerely pay attention to learn something new. And that is why they have donated many books, novels, novelletes, magazines, and gazettes and several instructional materials to schools all over Ihiala and  beyond.

Your health is our wealth

They were lying there exhausted. Four of them had just returned from begging on the roads for alms to eat and buy medicines: “We have been in the hospital for over four months and they would not allow us go home with our sickness.” Such was their submission as they struggled to chew the dry expired loaves of bread they had bought in the market from people who sell condemned bread from bakeries. Little did Amaka, Uju, Nnamdi, Adaugo know that they were seeing their worst time.

…They walked into Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Ihiala, requested for and paid the full hospital bills of these four who were treated for food poisoning. The family of four were also blessed with a fat envelope, a bag of rice and several other beverages and food items. Thats was Anyiego Foundation in action.

The great work of AnyiEgo Foundation can be seen at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and other hospitals in Ihiala, where it has paid hospital bills of overdue and aged patients who cannot afford the huge bills, and also visited patients’ ward by ward and shared gifts and toiletries.

We are led by God – Ifeanyi

Asked what the omega point of the foundation would be, Mr. Ifeanyi said, “We are led by God and only do what he asks us to do and how he wants us to do it. This is just a non-profit organisation driven by my wife and its passion to effect positive change in the society and reach out to the less privileged as far as we can go. This foundation is being sponsored by Ocean Growth Homes Integrated Company, Ocean Growth Villa Garden.”