In a heartwarming display of charity and compassion, the Infant Jesus of Prague prayer group from the Catholic Church of Divine Mercy Lekki Phase 1 organized a benevolent visit to Massey Street Children Hospital on Lagos Island during the Lenten season.

Led by President Uche Chukwukaelo, the group embarked on a mission to provide essential aid to the hospital and its young patients.

With fervent dedication, the prayer group mobilized funds among its members to procure crucial supplies, including cleaning agents, baby food, and diapers, to support the hospital’s operations. Additionally, they extended a helping hand by covering hospital and medical bills for indigent patients, reflecting their commitment to alleviating the burdens faced by the less fortunate in their community.

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Upon arrival, the hospital administrator conveyed heartfelt gratitude for the group’s benevolent gesture, recognizing the profound impact of their contributions on the lives of underprivileged patients. Emphasizing the significance of such acts of kindness, particularly during the Lenten season, the administrator commended the Infant Jesus of Prague prayer group for their spirit of charity and encouraged them to persist in their noble endeavors.

Uche Chukwukaelo, in her address, expressed gratitude to the hospital management for their warm reception and the opportunity to serve the children at Massey Street Children Hospital. She underscored the importance of community service, especially during religious observances, and reaffirmed the group’s dedication to extending assistance to those in need. Furthermore, she thanked the members of the prayer group for their generosity and support, urging them to continue spreading love and compassion to the less fortunate members of society.

In addition to their charitable visit, the Infant Jesus of Prague Prayer Group at the Catholic Church of Divine Mercy Branch conducts monthly devotions virtually, allowing members to engage in spiritual practices while actively participating in community outreach efforts like their recent endeavor at Massey Street Children Hospital.