Grammy winning musician, Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu aka Burna Boy, has apologised to his fans for coming late to his ‘Love Damini Concert’, which held in Lagos on New Year day.

While finally appearing on stage after a long delay, Burna Boy had blamed the organisers for his late performance. He also lashed out at over 30,000 fans who have been waiting endlessly for hours, accusing them of spreading rumour the he killed someone in a Lagos night club in August 2022. The singer then boasted that he would have gone home if it hadn’t been for another artiste, Seyi Vibes, who pleaded otherwise.

Speaking in Pidgin English, Burna Boy said: “If no be Seyi Vibes, I for just don dey go house. But I dey here with una, after you na don talk sey I kill person for Cubana, after una don talk say my mama dance for Fela.”

However, writing on his verified Instagram handle on Monday, Burna Boy apologized for his infraction, saying: “Lagos, I love you but I can’t do this again. The organisational structure and infrastructure are not there for the complexities of my audio and production needs. Let’s be clear. I wasn’t late, my band wasn’t late. We pride ourselves on being highly professional, especially with our stagecraft. There were three options available to me; wait for the audio to be fixed and delay the show, come out at 11pm as planned with no sound or call a breach of contract and pull the plug.

“I know I can’t go all over the world and neglect my own people, so I’m taking matters into my own hands! I’m gathering the troops to work on building world-class infrastructure in the Nigerian entertainment business. Investors and stakeholders interested pls hit me up, we need to make some changes.

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“I apologise to my fans for how hectic it was, thank you for staying and weathering the storm with me. I commend my band @fromtheoutsiders for making lemonade with the worst lemons we’ve ever seen! Wonder X, KC Kennedy Olisa Adibua and Creative Economy Catalyst (CEC) did an abysmal job of executing anything and my fans should never have had to go through that. I’lI see you all again, on spaceship time! No one else’s. Love, Damini,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the organisers of the concert have described it as a huge success.

In a statement on Monday, Wonder X said, “The Burna Boy team took the bustling mega city by storm. Burna Boy, leading a 30-man band, took the over 30,000 Lagos crowd through an eclectic set, which drove the crowds to a frenzy making them forget the initial technical glitches which led to a late start.”

They, however, apologised for the technical glitches that led to a late start of the concert. “We understand the frustration the fans must have felt for the unusual delay and do sincerely apologise even as we express our commitment to providing only the best and timely experiences for subsequent events. We like to send special thanks to Burna Boy and his team for showing stupendous professionalism in the midst of the confusion,” the organisers said.