Nollywood actress, Ebere Nwizu aka Bayray, has recalled how bullying in secondary school affected her personality.

The thespian, who came into the limelight after winning the 3rd edition of Amstel Malta Box Office reality show, narrated to Saturday Sun her ordeal in the hands of bullies.

“I was bullied in secondary school a lot and it was a terrible phase in my life, so I decided I will never live my life in fear of anyone again. As a result of that bullying, I became somewhat more introverted. I had an experience in school that made me too shocked to cry, but my heart was definitely broken. I got home and told my mother and sisters. I felt stronger to stand my ground and love myself. That experience made me a better person,” she stated.

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Ms Nwizu advised younger girls on how to deal with societal pressures, especially on social media.

She said, “They need to watch and listen to the right contents. It’s a personal journey and no one can live your life. Regardless of whatever has happened to you, you must carry out that divine assignment we all have been tasked with, and by all means have fun while doing it.

“No one is better than you. Do what makes you feel fulfilled. If you want to be a cook, be the best at it. If you want to be a guard, read about what will make you be the best guard ever so that you can stand out as the best anywhere in the world. Be best at whatever you decide to do, it is unnecessary to compete with anyone.”