From Isaac Anumihe, Abuja

Following the constant building collapses in Nigeria, Federal Government has promised to increase the budget of the Quantity Surveyors Institute of Nigeria (QSRBN).

Speaking at the 2023 Annual Assembly of the Registered Quantity Surveyors and Induction of Newly registered Quantity Surveyors in Abuja, Minister of Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola promised that the government will make serious plans to ensure that the institute’s budget is increased to enable it to meet its mandate.

“On the issue of funding by the board, you already have COREN and others which are enjoying government patronage. Now, we will make a serious effort for the Quantity Surveyors Institute Of Nigeria to enjoy an increased budget,” he assured.

Earlier, the president of QSRBN, Mr Murtala Aliyu, had pleaded for more funding from the government to enable the institute to fulfil its responsibilities effectively.

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According to the president, the institute’s meagre budget is not enough to meet its needs.

The former first lady of Benue State, Dr Yemisi Suswan, in highlighting the importance of quantity surveyors in the built industry, said that they are the first port of call adding that the surveyors need the services of other professionals to ensure that a project is well done to avoid collapse.

“In carrying out construction projects as developers, make sure that all major professionals in the built industry are carried along at all levels of the construction. As the Managing Director of All Purpose Shelters Limited, I have always carried out all my projects using qualified quantity surveyors because I know the role they play in terms of construction cost management” she said.

Explaining the importance of quantity surveyors in the agricultural sector, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr Mohammad Mahmood Abubakar, said that quality surveyors are needed in farm settlement establishment, erosion control projects and mega irrigation projects.

“The wide areas of agriculture and rural development make the quantity surveying services to be relevant in the agricultural sector. Involvement of quantity surveyors in appropriate aspects of agriculture and rural development projects will definitely help to judiciously manage the government finances: Quantity surveying services can be deployed in the area of farm settlement establishment, flood control projects, erosion control projects and mega irrigation projects,” he said.