Few days ago, Balarabe Musa advised Nigerians to keep President Buhari, even though he has not met all his promises

Emma Okocha

He was imprisoned following the toppling of the NPN floundering regime of Shehu Shagari.

To this day, leader of that coup General Muhammadu Buhari has not thought it wise to explain or apologise why he ordered innocent players, Governors of integrity like Balarabe Musa to escort the other unrepentant Nigerian looting politicians to Buhari’s Siberia of 1983.

Like most of the extreme Nigerian leftists, Balarabe Musa’s faith is embedded in his ascetic lifestyle. Their tongue, their pronouncements profess their daily deeds.

Mallam Aminu Kano, former Federal minister was their leader and teacher and when he died, the press was flummoxed to report that only two shillings found in the Babanriga pockets of his wear was all that was his life savings. His Kano and his Nigerian followers instantly, started to look towards the direction of the crocodile city for his replacement. The Mallam’s followers hoped that Kaduna’s former Governor, Balarabe Musa’s extreme radical confrontation against feudalism, narrsism, proven incorruptibility and his avowed sympathies for the downtrodden, have been his forte. His revolutionary doggedness; his singular courageous documented confrontation against insidious legislative iniquities, legislative banditry and plain house conspiracies openly meshed by the opposition to impeach the minority Governor; summarily defined out rightly the constitutional aberration that was the NPN misrule before the return of the blazing tanks in 1989.

Charismatic Abubakar Rimi’s death and the pretensions of the PDP Presidential candidate from Jigawa eased up Musa’s ascension and say what you like, Balarabe Musa is today the leader of over 100 million Talakwa Nigerians ….the downtrodden, those other Nigerians who would never be cheated by the politicians who are sponsored by the industrial military conglomerate.

Few days ago, Balarabe Musa who is the chairman of the Coalition of those other parties (I cannot find all their names) in a Vanguard interview advised Nigerians to keep President Buhari even though he has not met all his promises. He would rather go for Buhari than allow those unrepentant looters back to the saddle.

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According to him, Atiku who has virtually defected to countless parties have nothing more to offer. Saraki was in Kwara and Kwara is not better than Lagos, Gombe or Anambra State.

As Senate President he is like the Senators of Rome, do not understand legislation and their budget since his presidency is bazaar!

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Kwankwanso like Saraki was in Kano, Federal Minister of Defense, but can he tell us what a Ballistic Missile is?

If Buhari is unbeatable, why this huge budget for INEC?

If we share the INEC money every Nigerian according to my maths would have over N150 million each and more to transform this economy.

Your Excellency what is your view? Shall we go on with this perilous election with this budget?

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Schadenfreude: The tragic exit of the Finance Minister

The Germans refer to that condition of Schadenfreude when citizens are excited and happy at the fall of a fellow human being. In the village, in the workplace most of the time at the corridors power, the Schadenfreudes rejoice on the passing of a contending colleague and would rush to their prayer houses and scream… “The Lord has heard my prayers… He cut him down; He has removed him from the office”

As the minister that took over the overwhelming tenure of Ngozi Iweala, Kemi Adeosun knew she was swimming a high tide. When her crises erupted following the NYSC scandal, I expected her like the “English Woman” she is, to resign. If she had retained me I would have gone further.

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Resign, and from the top ask the NYSC to make room for her one year service. That would have endeared her to the incorruptible stance of the Buhari administration and secured her broken cord with the Nigerian children of the carpenters…“She came from Eastern London and without serving the country she picked a top line job,” they chatted in disgust.

When the Schadenfreude struck, my poor Kemi again did not listen to me. She was hoping the Presidency would look the other way. After resigning eventually, she did not call or come to my church.

She packed bag and baggage and took the next flight to Eastern London her birth place.