From: FRED ITUA, Abuja

Barely 48 days after President Muhammadu Buhari traveled to the United Kingdom ‎for a long medical vacation, a mild clash ensued on the floor of the Senate, on Tuesday.

Trouble started when the Sen. Mao Ohuabunwa, raised a Point of Order to draw the attention of his colleagues to what he described as deficiencies in the letter addressed to the Senate by President Buhari.

He said President Buhari was ambiguous in his letter by claiming that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo will coordinate the activities of the country in his absence.

He argued that the letter should be returned to the Presidency in order to reflect the what is captured in Section 145 of the 1999 constitution, as amended.

He was immediately countered by the Senate Leader, Senator Ahmad Lawan, who protested. He said there was nothing wrong with the letter. He called on the Senate President Bukola Saraki to rule Ohuabunwa out of order.

Saraki, while responding, said President Buhari acted within the confines of the law. He, therefore, ruled Senator Ohuabunwa out of order.

Meanwhile, Saraki, at about 11.o5am on Tuesday, formally read a letter of President Muhammadu Buhari, wherein the former informed the parliament of his long medical vacation to the United Kingdom UK.

Saraki, while reading the letter, told his colleagues that the Vice President, Professor Osinbajo will perform the functions of the President while he is away.

Details later…