The Federal Government has increased its proposed minimum wage from N57,000 to N60,000 following a meeting of the tripartite committee on minimum wage held in Abuja on Tuesday.

This decision comes amidst ongoing negotiations with organized labour groups, including the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).

The labour unions, which had previously demanded a minimum wage of N497,000, reduced their proposal by N3,000 during the recent discussions. However, the new government proposal of N60,000 has not been well-received by labour leaders.

A source from the meeting provided a breakdown of the proposals and noted that the amount suggested by the government did not satisfy the labour representatives. A union member, speaking to our correspondent prior to the meeting, emphasized the need for the government to present a more reasonable offer to facilitate further negotiations.

“This is simply a case of if they go higher, we will go lower. They need to propose something reasonable for us to propose something lower too. There is no two-way about it,” the labour leader explained.

The union member also highlighted the strategy of organized labour to convene internally before each committee meeting to ensure a unified stance during negotiations. “We have a way of meeting as members of the Labour before each committee meeting. This will help us to take a uniform stand by the time we get to the meeting front,” he added.

He stressed that the labour unions are willing to meet the government halfway if a reasonable offer is presented. “As long as the government is ready to present something reasonable, we will meet them in the middle.”

The tripartite committee’s discussions are crucial as they aim to establish a new minimum wage that addresses the economic realities faced by Nigerian workers while balancing the fiscal capabilities of the government. The outcome of these negotiations will significantly impact the livelihood of workers and the overall economic landscape of the country.

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