By Doris Obinna

Thirteen-year-old Neri Joseph Chukwuemeka, is the son of Mrs. Christy Joseph, a broadcast journalist and deputy director at Voice of Nigeria. At three month, it was discovered he has aortic stenosis from birth.

According to his mother, he had his first surgery at five months in Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

Mrs Joseph explained that at four years old in 2012, after they had raised N3 million, Neri was taken to Vikram Hospital, Bangalore, India for an open heart surgery.

“Unfortunately, the surgery turned out not successful during his follow-up check up in Nigeria at LUTH. Since then, he’s been managing the crisis with medications and regular check-ups.

“Following a recent check-up at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), he was immediately referred to the United Kingdom or United States of America for another open heart surgery,” she said.

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According to Neri’s medical’s report from LASUTH, he was presented with a history of chest pain, difficulty in breathing and laying flat and occasional leg swelling.

Also, his echocardiography report signed by the Consultant Paediatrician/Cardiologist, Dr Oladimeji AB reads: “Heart Failure, S/P Supravalvular Aortoplasty, Gallavardin Murmur.”

Mrs Joseph further explained: “As a result of the huge amount envisaged for the overseas treatment, LASUTH referred us to Babcock University Teaching Hospital’s Tristate Heart and Vascular Center in Ogun State, where the specialists confirmed that his aortic valve will have to be replaced as soon as possible.

“The estimated cost for the Cardiac Catherterization and Aortic Valve replacement as given by the hospital is N6.6 million.”

Appealing to well meaning Nigerians, Mrs. Joseph, said Neri will be 14 in December. “Please help us save the life of the innocent young boy so that he can immediately have his surgery done and live a healthy life.”

Anyone willing to assist can donate by using this link: or by sending your fund directly to his mother’s account: Christy Joseph-Chukwuemeka O, First Bank Savings account number- 3027396091.