By Rita Okoye and Damilola Fatunmise

In a world where societal norms are constantly challenged and redefined, one individual stands out as a polarizing figure at the forefront of this cultural shift.


Meet Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, better known by his alter ego, Bobrisky – arguably Africa’s most controversial cross-dresser.

Bobrisky is currently in the custody of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). The commission had arrested and prosecuted him for naira abuse. Last Friday, he pleaded guilty to the charge and pleaded for mercy. He was subsequently convicted by the court. His sentencing was supposed to be on Tuesday April 9, but that became impossible following the declaration of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as Muslim public holidays by the Federal Government. The court ruled that Bobrisky should be detained by the EFCC until his sentencing.

There have been mixed reactions on social media in the past few week following his sudden arrest by the EFCC for the abuse of the national currency, the naira, as well as his award as the ‘Best Dressed Female’ at the premiere of a Yoruba epic movie ‘Beast of Two Worlds’.

Many observers adjudged the award incident as misplaced, condemning the judges who deemed the popular influencer worthy, being that Bobrisky was not born female and so does not merit the award that a good number of female celebrity guests at the event deserve.

While many thought they had heard the last of the matter, popular singer Habeeb Okikiola, commonly known as Portable, disapproved of the award and took to the studio, releasing a diss track aimed directly at Bobrisky after both parties engaged in a war of words online. Portable’s take on Bobrisky’s choice of lifestyle appeared rather entertaining.

Taking a jab at Bobrisky in the diss song titled ‘Brotherhood’, Portable sang in Yoruba, “You guys should warn brotherhood not to come to my hood cause e go chop firewood. You’re my brotherhood, brotherhood go brotherhood, now you want to join sisterhood. You’re a disgrace to the brotherhood. Look at his bum bum like Akpu (Fufu)”.

The infamous ‘Best Dressed Female’ award also raised questions bordering on the true gender identity of Bobrisky.

Initially, when Bobrisky first started his cross-dressing antics, he was roundly persecuted for it. However, even then he was still identifying as a male. It is only recently that he fully identified as a woman.

The first instance is when he went on a viral rant with a fan who referred to him as “bro”. At the time, he had shot back: “I’m going to post a picture and you tell me, you look good bro. Who is your bro? Please, tani bro e? Your bro is in Yaba, collecting treatment.”

That was in May 2019 and Bobrisky felt irritated to be referred to as a male. Also, in November same year, he revealed that he had undergone major surgery to add feminine parts to her body.

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Moreover, it is worth noting the contrast between Bobrisky’s public appearances, such as attending his late father’s burial in Ijebu Igbo and appearing in court in Ikoyi in a long Jalamia, and the provocative images he frequently shared on social media. These disparities underscore the complexities surrounding Bobrisky’s persona and the multifaceted nature of his identity journey.

Behind all the glitz and glamour lies a trail of controversies that have cemented his status as a lightning rod for debate and scrutiny.

Many times, Bobrisky flaunts expensive-looking pieces of jewellery and travels to different countries. He also drives expensive cars and lives in a choice property in Lekki. He claims to own all these luxury items. Yet, it is difficult to pinpoint and verify exactly how this controversial celebrity makes his affluent wealth aside from influencing brands.

Bobrisky’s journey to fame has been marked by a series of headline-grabbing incidents, often involving clashes with friends, business associates, and law enforcement officers.

Whether it’s public feuds with former allies or run-ins with the authorities, Bobrisky’s life seems to be a never-ending rollercoaster of drama and intrigue.

One of the most notable controversies surrounding Bobrisky is his tumultuous relationship with his long-time friend, Tonto Dike. What began as a seemingly unbreakable bond eventually soured, leading to a highly publicized fallout that exposed the cracks in their once-enviable friendship. Followed by another fallout with famous fashion designer, Toyin Lawani and his fellow influencer, Raheem Abike Halimah well known as “Papaya Ex.

Similarly, Bobrisky’s mentorship of another cross-dresser James Brown, also known as the “Princess of Africa,” ended in a surprising rift that left fans shocked and divided. The abrupt separation between the two personalities underscored the complexities of fame and friendship in the world of social media influencers.

So many online vendors also called out the controversial public figure for always defaulting on advertisements even after payment.

Despite facing criticism and legal challenges, Bobrisky continues to push boundaries and challenge societal norms with unwavering confidence. His unapologetic attitude and refusal to conform to conventional gender roles have earned him both admirers and detractors in equal measure.

Over 10 years, Bobrisky has risen to infamy as a social media sensation, amassing a substantial following on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Among the myriad of questions posed by followers, fans and the public, Bobrisky’s sexuality has remained a hot topic of speculation. Rumours have swirled, with some asserting that Bobrisky is gay, others suggesting transgender, and still others proposing bisexuality. Yet, the truth remains known only to Bobrisky himself.

Fuelling the speculations, a few weeks ago, Martin Vincent Otse AKA Very Dark Man accused Bobrisky of homosexuality and having sex with men of high authority.

Whether he’s dazzling audiences with his extravagant lifestyle or embroiled in yet another controversy, one thing is for certain – Bobrisky shows no signs of slowing down. Love him or loathe him, his impact on the cultural landscape is undeniable, sparking conversations about identity, acceptance, and the ever-evolving nature of easy fame in the digital age.

There have also been rumours about Bobrisky looking more masculine in detention, including growing a beard. It’s an unconfirmed speculation, but it has also enabled his adversaries another opportunity to mock him.