Blord CEO Linus Williams Ifejika teaches us diversification

Diversification is the buzz word on the lips of virtually all government functionaries today.

Against the backdrop of the fall in the price of oil at the international market, government saw the need to inform Nigerians of the difficulties that lay in wait for them in the months ahead.

As a result, the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration prioritized agriculture, and encouraged civil servants to embrace farming to make up for their paltry income.

One man who has really keyed in to the calls for diversification is Linus Williams Ifejika (a.k.a Blord), Executive Chairman of the Blord Group, a leading Crypto currency transaction company in Nigeria.

Despite his success in the field of e-commerce, Blord recently ventured into real estate which he described as refreshingly different. Worth over N60 million, the building is a seven-bedroom duplex slated for completion within a time frame of two months.

“My kind of real estate business is different; I use my money to build a house and I put it up for sale, if you like it, you pay me,” Blord says in a video monitored on his Instagram account.

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Perhaps, this variant of business is what many Nigerians need to take a second look at: Build a house with your money and sell same with a reasonable profit margin capable of taking you to the bank, smiling.

In “Atiku: The Story of Atiku Abubakar” author Ojo Onukaba narrated how the former Vice President of Nigeria started life in humble fashion, acquiring loan to build his first house which he leased and took another loan from a bank to build another. According to Onukaba, Atiku soon owned chains of houses in Yola, the then capital of the defunct Gongola state.

The lesson here is that regardless of how big and prosperous a company is, multiple streams of income are the way to go. However, Blord as Ifejika is fondly called maintained that the best way to get the best out of us is for us to stay true to our dreams, forgetting who is ahead or behind us in the race of life.

Hear him: “I don’t compete with anyone. “One of the biggest favours you can do for yourself is to forget about who is ahead or behind you. Just do your best.”

Is anyone listening to this entrepreneur who is fast leaving indelible imprints in the sands of time? Are the young ones ready to be mentored? Are young Nigerians who use social media as a tool of division ready to follow the footsteps of this man, who sees opportunity in every adversity?

In saner climes, men like Blord are made to speak with young minds all the time in a bid to get their minds fixated on possibilities.