Big Jonz, the dynamic and visionary video director, is expanding his horizons beyond music videos as he announces his ambition to venture into the world of cinema. With aspirations of collaborating with esteemed filmmaker Kunle Afolayan and other luminaries in the industry, Big Jonz is poised to make a significant impact with his storytelling prowess and creative vision.

Having already established himself as a rising star in the realm of music video direction, Big Jonz now sets his sights on the silver screen, driven by a desire to explore the depths of narrative filmmaking. His decision to pursue this new chapter in his career stems from a lifelong passion for storytelling and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

“Directing music videos has been an incredible journey, but I’ve always harbored a deep-seated passion for filmmaking and storytelling on a larger canvas,” said Big Jonz. “I am inspired by the works of Kunle Afolayan and other visionary filmmakers, and I believe that collaborating with them would not only be a dream come true but also an opportunity to learn and grow as an artist.”

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Kunle Afolayan, celebrated for his groundbreaking films that explore Nigerian culture and heritage, has garnered international acclaim for his contributions to African cinema. His unique storytelling style and commitment to authenticity make him an ideal collaborator for Big Jonz, who shares Afolayan’s passion for cultural storytelling.

“I am honored to be mentioned in the same breath as Kunle Afolayan, whose work I deeply admire,” Big Jonz expressed. “My goal is to bring a fresh perspective to Nigerian cinema while staying true to our rich cultural heritage. Collaborating with visionaries like Kunle Afolayan would be a tremendous opportunity to achieve that.”

As Big Jonz embarks on this new journey, fans and industry insiders eagerly anticipate the creative projects that will emerge from his foray into the world of filmmaking. With his innovative approach and unwavering dedication to his craft, Big Jonz is poised to make a lasting impact on the cinematic landscape.