Sina Adedipe

The first of the three issues I will raise with the Heavenly Father when the time comes, will be why the births and names of the daughters of Adam were not reported in Genesis Chapter 4, along with those of Cain and Abel? And as was the case with the report on Seth, his third son, and his other male descendants in Chapter 5: 1–32.

Especially, when in Genesis 11:29 Milcah, the wife of Nahor, was identified as the daughter of Haran. While in Genesis 24:15 Rebecca was named as the daughter of Bethuel and Leah and Rachel as the daughters of Laban in Chapter 29 verse 16. My second question will be to find out from the Lord if, as reported in the “Forgotten Books of Eden,” Luluwa was truly Cain’s twin – sister and if Abel came into the world with two sisters in a triplet – birth?

The third enquiry I will make is to ask the Ancient of Days if Cain and Abel were twins or older and younger siblings? This is because the author of the “Forgotten Books of Eden” said some people believed that they might have been twins from the way their births were reported in Genesis 4:1 and 2.

In verse one Adam was said to have had intercourse with Eve and that she gave birth to a son whom she named Cain. This is followed in verse two with: “Later she gave birth to another son, Abel. The way these statements are couched make some say their births came in a single conception, not that of two children conceived at different times and born nine months or years apart.

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Those who reason this way believe that if they had not been twins that the report of the birth of Abel would have been that a year, two or more years after Cain was born that Eve gave birth to him. Until I ask the Heavenly Father I will not know if the reports in the “Forgotten Books of Eden” on the births and names of the daughters of Adam are true or false. But I am happy that the author of the book has been able to provide a clue to one of the unknown issues in the Bible or matters that need clarification.

He was lucky to have found documents on statements made by King David in the Psalms and the prophets in other Old Testament Books to know about the births and names of the daughters of Adam.

When I first asked the Ancient of Days questions on issues in the Bible in 1997, He told me many had done so before me since the Christian Holy Book was published close to two thousand years now. But He did not tell me if He answered their questions and I did not ask Him. But of the six of us I know He speaks with, I am the only one He discusses issues in the Bible with.

I am therefore immensely grateful and full of praise to the Mighty Lord of creation for not only answering my questions on Biblical issues, but also for granting me the permission to write about them for people to read.

Next week: I will return to the issue of polygamy with more unassailable facts in the Bible that God was not instituting monogamy with His statement in Genesis 2:24