COMRADE Chidiebere On­wudiwe is the National Coordina­tor of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). He told Saturday Sun that even if security agencies kill every member of the pro-Biafra group, it will not stop their freedom fight. In this interview with JEFF AME­CHI AGBODO, he said the rea­son why South-East governors don’t support the Biafran agitation openly is because they owe their political allegiance and survival to the Hausa/Fulani oligarchy. Ex­cerpts:

After the May 30 Biafra day killings, your group seemed to be become quiet. Are you demoralized now or you’re still commit­ted to the fight?

We in IPOB have not been and can never be quiet. Since the satan­ic massacre of defenceless Biafrans on the 30th of May, we have been busy compiling and presenting our evidence to the world bodies that matter. We have also been preoccu­pied with ensuring adequate medi­cal treatment for those who were injured and receiving attention at various hospitals across Biafra­land. The obstacles we are encoun­tering is mostly the bully tactics of the Nigerian government as they have not stopped their intimidation of clinics and hospitals where our people are receiving medical atten­tion. As IPOB, the word ‘demor­alised’ does not feature in our of dictionary or vocabulary because we are well aware of the high cost of freedom and we are prepared to pay it. Even if we all have to die for the sake of Biafra, so be it, but we are not relenting in our fight.

What is your next line of action after the killings? Do you intend to take the Army or other security agencies to court in Nigeria or inter­national?

We are not in the habit of ex­posing our approach but be rest assured that we are continuing to bring the might of international opinion and condemnation to weigh on this murderous regime. In our usual manner, we have pre­sented all the evidence to every institution on this earth capable of bringing Buhari to account and they are working on the informa­tion in their possession. The world is no longer a place where a de­monic dictator will live without being answerable to the crimes he committed against innocent civilians. The world is on our side because the manner and scale of barbarism witnessed at Nkpor on the 30th of May is shocking even by the primitive standards of brutal African dictators. Every person involved in the killing of IPOB family members on that fateful day will be hunted down and brought to trial from Buhari to Obiano and those that pulled the trigger. We know where their children are and someday they too will bury their own children, since they have no regard for the lives of other people’s children.

What type of support are you getting from the Niger Delta Avengers? They are calling for the release of your leader Nnamdi Kanu, which is one of their de­mands to ceasefire. In case government refuses to yield to that demand and fails to release your leader, what will you do?

The solidarity so far shown by Niger Delta Avengers is most wel­come and goes to demonstrate that the gospel of Biafra preached by our leader worked. Before the coming of Radio Biafra, the Ni­gerian state effectively divided us into Igbo and Niger Delta or as they say South-South and South- East but today those carefully laid conspiratorial plan to divide us has been laid to rest courtesy of Nnamdi Kanu. Avengers’ moral support is most welcome and in the fullness of time, every effort they have so far shown will be re­ciprocated. We stand side by side with them and will continue to urge them never to relent. We all want to be free and freedom we must get.

What of the support of Anioma people from Delta State? Are they still part of Biafra? Some people from the place have come out openly to deny you, that they are not part of you. How true is this?

Anioma is an integral part of Biafra, if in doubt, ask any re­sponsible elder from Anioma like Achuzie, Dr. Ebigwei and their likes. We are well aware that before, during and after the war a lot of children were born to the invading soldiers from the North so no one can begrudge any of these children born in Ani­oma for wishing to identify with their father’s people. The histori­cal atrocities committed in Delta especially in Asaba is there for all to see. If Anioma is loved by the Nigerian state, why the scale of the massacre in 1967 to 1968? Only the genetically challenged can argue the fact that Anioma is not Biafra.

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