BY Tony Manuaka

Unlike other businessmen, who only derive joy in their accomplishments, particularly, the growth and success of their business empire, Chief Benjamin Igwe, Chairman/CEO of Bensheck Nigeria Limited and Autosheck Oil and Gas, is more interested in the value he adds to the lives of growing number of Nigerians who depend on the success of his business for their livelihood. 

His Autosheck Oil & Gas Limited is an indigenous company with a rich history of manufacturing and distributing high quality automotive and industrial lubricants at competitive prices.

Igwe has contributed immensely to economic growth in Nigeria with a business network running into billions of naira. 

Incorporated in 2008 and fully regulated by the Nigerian Downstream and Midstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority and the Standards Organisation of Nigeria, Autosheck manufactures and distributes high quality oils, greases and other specialty car care products.

 In 14 years, Igwe has grown the company to become one of the leading brands in the Nigerian lubricant industry with its first-rate automotive range of gasoline and diesel engine oil, such as Autosheck Elite 20W50 (SL/CG) (Multigrade), Autosheck Super (SF/CD) 20W50 (Multigrade), Autosheck HD 40, 50 (SD/CC) (Monograde), and Autosheck Deo Supreme 15W40 (CH4/SL) (Multigrade). 

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It also has a major market share with its range of Autosheck Automotive/Industrial Hydraulic and Gear oils, Autosheck Automatic Transmission Fluid Dex III, Autosheck Brake fluid DOT 3 and Autosheck APS and MPS greases. 

In addition to local regulation, Autosheck’s background and inclination to German standards makes its formulation blends similar to international best practices. 

The aftermath is that the company’s products ensure great performance and durability of automobiles and machines.

Igwe’s associates attest to the fact that the success story of Autosheck can be attributed to his business acumen and can-do spirit. 

The result is that today, the company is not only a leader in the auto lubricants industry but also has stayed on course despite the harsh economic realities in the country.  Essentially, Igwe is passionate about uplifting others by offering employment. This explains why he has in his employ close to 500 Nigerians.