A joint-financing of 26 million dollars will be invested to transform Benin’s Pendjari National Park complex into the largest ecosystem of protected savannah in West Africa.
The investment was part of a five-year business plan, a government statement said in the economic capital Cotonou.
The government said that it was in keeping with that goal that the investment would be used to renovate and enrich the Pendjari National Park complex as well as its peripheral areas expected to be integrated then after.
It said that Benin’s government would provide domestic funding of 5.97 million dollars and the shortfall would be sought as support from technical and financial partners.
“The rehabilitation of the complex involves efficient and modern management adjusted to conservation objectives while contributing to the development of tourism,” it said.
It said that the management should also “stimulate a new momentum of economic and social development” in Benin.
It said that together with another park in the country, Pendjari national park host significant fauna and flora as well as high value cultural sceneries as tourist destinations.
Benin’s government explained that the two biosphere reserves were the last refuges for the great West African fauna and currently register about 7,000 tourists per year.
“Pendjari biosphere reserve alone receives over 6,500 visitors per year,” the government said. (NAN)

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