Senior pastor of the Spirit Revelation Ecclesia, Pastor John Ikechukwu Anosike, has charged Nigerians to rekindle hope and pray for the leaders in the country to reduce the tough effects of the current economic crunch.

He said the situation in the country would soon turn around as prayers from every citizen would restore hope for a better Nigeria.

The Pastor who marked his special day yesterday expressed great faith that things would be better in all areas for the country.

“It is part of life to face challenges, but it won’t last forever. I am optimistic of a better Nigeria. Let me also say that we need to also pray for our leaders to get things right the first time. They will not make costly errors, rather divine wisdom will illuminate their paths. As we pray to God to better our personal situation respectively, we should pray for our country and those who are ruling us.

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I know God will turn things around for Nigeria in a spectacular way, but we have to be patient. Our good God will bring Nigeria into a state of restored glory.”

At the National Day of Prayer for South Africa which took place in Cape Town on April 27, Pastor Anosike enjoined all men of God and political leaders who attended the event to pray fervently for the country on a day tagged Freedom Day.

“ The situation we are facing is not just peculiar to Nigeria, every country faces their respective issues in government, judiciary, economy, security, etc. We have to stand up to fight the battle spiritually so that changes can be effected in the realms.

“It’s time for the Church to play its role by sending out messages consistently to guide the nation on the path of peace, progress and prosperity,” Pastor Anosike declared.