By Vivian Onyebukwa

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Parents have been urged to raise a boy child properly to achieve a better society.
Nkiruka Moghalu-Oguadinma, Founder, Boy Child Transformation Centre, stated this during the celebration of this year’s International Day of the Boy-Child with a special event themed- “Walk In My Shoes”, which took place in Lagos.
The event was aimed at raising awareness about the challenges faced by boys and young men in today’s society through creative expressions in poetry, music and art.
Oguadinma stated that in a quest for gender equality, it is imperative to recognize the crucial role parents play in nurturing and empowering their growing boys. “Just as we champion the rights and aspirations of our girls, we must ensure that our boys grow up to become compassionate, respectful, and responsible individuals who contribute positively to society”.
She noted that 99 percent of the menace in the society today such as kidnapping, rape, and other forms of crimes are attributed to the male counterpart, but in training and raising the young children, parents focus always only on the girl child. “The grown men we see today, were once little boys and you can, to some extent see where our society is going when you talk about poor leadership. It is mostly in the area of grown men”, she said.
She added that raising a boy child in the right manner is the collective responsibility as parents, teachers, government and the society at large. “It requires breaking down harmful stereotypes and encouraging creativity, emotional intelligence, empathy, and open-mindedness. By doing so, we create generation of men who are not only strong physically, but also emotionally resilient and capable of building meaningful relationships”.

Keynote Speaker, Kobichukwurah Jesse Oguadinma, advised parents to allow their children do what they are motivated to do. “The creativity of a child is beyond that, that a parent may not understand what objective they want to do, and in journey of doing that, their career opens. Parents should allow their children to build on their skills and to enhance their creativity”.