The Bauchi State Government said, on Tuesday, that it would replace existing Mahogany trees providing shades in Bauchi, the state capital with more environmentally friendly species.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Dr. Bala Lukshi, said this in Bauchi in an interview.

Lukshi said that most of the mahogany trees were planted by government 30 years ago, adding that they had outlived their lifespan and could cause more havoc, if allowed to remain.

“We thought of trimming them but trimming will not solve the problem, as a long time measure, we will look for species that are environmentally friendly to replace these ones.

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“Mahogany is a big and heavy tree; the aging roots can no longer withstand the weight of the branches.

“With a downpour or windstorm, all the trees will be uprooted and they will continue to cause wreak havoc, therefore, the best thing is to replace them.

“We held a meeting on Monday, wrote our report and we have submitted it to the office of the Secretary to the State Government,’’he said.

Windstorm occurred, in Bauchi, on Sunday, leaving some mahogany trees along old Jos road uprooted, cars, buildings, electric poles, shops and other valuables destroyed. (NAN)