In a significant stride towards enhancing education and fostering sustainable development, Baobab+ Nigeria has partnered with JCI Abeokuta Hills to bring solar lighting to schools in Ogun State. This initiative, aimed at revitalizing the reading culture among secondary school students and creating a conducive learning environment, was launched at Baptist Girls’ College Idi Aba on Wednesday, May 29, 2024.

The “Unleash A Child’s Potential Project” marks a major milestone in Baobab+’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. Speaking at the event, Mr. Kolawole Osinowo, CEO of Baobab+ Nigeria, emphasized the project’s alignment with the company’s mission to provide easy access to energy in schools and communities, reflecting Sustainable Development Goals 4 (Quality Education) and 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy).

“Providing energy to light an environment, especially in schools, is akin to giving life,” Mr. Osinowo stated. “Our mission at Baobab Plus is to ensure easy access to energy in schools and communities, in line with Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 7.”

Mr. Osinowo further noted that Baobab+ Nigeria operates in 21 locations nationwide, with Abeokuta being a key area for their solar energy distribution. He emphasized that Baptist Girls’ College is just the beginning, with plans for broader initiatives.

In addition to the school lighting project, Baobab+ recently launched a new solar power station for Nigerians, a portable solar generator catering to various energy needs. This high-capacity portable power station provides a reliable power source for appliances such as fridges, coolers, power tools, medical devices, laptops, lights, and TVs, offering a quiet and fume-free solution.

During the event, JCIN Amb. Eniola Adesanya, President of JCI Abeokuta Hills, expressed optimism about the project’s positive impact on the school. She underscored that educating children secures the leadership of tomorrow and that unlocking their potential shapes future leaders.

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Mrs. Stella Iwedi, Principal of Baptist Girls’ College, recounted the challenges posed by darkness on the school premises, especially for hostel students. She highlighted the safety issues, including encounters with reptiles and night reading impediments.

“With the new solar lights, our students are now safer and can read at night,” Iwedi said. She thanked Baobab+ Nigeria for addressing the school’s critical needs and called on other organizations to emulate Baobab+ and JCI Abeokuta Hills in their humanitarian efforts.

Supporting the initiative, Mrs. Funmi Baker, President of the Baptist Girls’ College Alumni, expressed satisfaction with the project, noting its significant impact on students’ ability to study at night.

Furthermore, JCIN Amb. Abel Badmus, Immediate Past President of JCI Abeokuta Hills, encouraged students to join JCI in higher institutions to continue making positive societal impacts and developing their leadership skills.

The launch of the “Unleash A Child’s Potential Project” at Baptist Girls’ College Idi Aba stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in driving sustainable development and educational advancement. With this initiative, Baobab+ Nigeria and JCI Abeokuta Hills are not only lighting up schools but also illuminating the path to a brighter future for Nigeria’s youth.

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