John Adams,  Minna

TwentyFour hours after killing four soldiers and some civilians in an attack in Munya Local Government Area of Niger State, the attackers are currently stranded in communities in the area, a source close to the communities disclosed.

The bandits, who are said to be over 30, are currently moving from one location to the other, looking for a safe exit from the communities, as they feared that their entry route might no longer be safe for them.

A source close to one of the communities told our correspondent on condition of anonymity that the bandits have solicited for the assistance of the communities to show them exit route but have declined all the possible routes shown to them for fear of being arrested.

According to our source, the bandits have run out of fuel for their motorcycles and food and have, therefore, shared themselves into three groups with some in new Kabula and Mangoro communities.

The source said: “The bandits are looking for food and fuel. They are in the bush; they have divided themselves into three groups.

“They are all strangers because they don’t know where to go and how to get out of the communities. That is why they want the people to show them where to follow.

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“They refused to follow all the routes that they showed them. So, right now I can tell you that they are stranded. If the security agents can move in now they will capture them.”

However, reports have it that some of the bandits took over an entire community where they were seeing cooking food by themselves without any molestation or harassment.

Meanwhile, there are reports of mass exodus of women and children from the troubled communities in the area and heading towards Zazzaga and Sarkin Power.

The troubled communities were the people have relocated are Sohon kabula, Luwi, Rufogo, Mudungo, Beni and Toko.

The state emergency management agency has visited the scene of attack to ascertain the extent of casualties and the plight of the people.

It was also gathered that the remains of the slain soldiers were brought to Minna in an army ambulance around 8pm on Sunday.