From Aniekan Aniekan, Calabar

Arthur Jarvis University Introduces Traditional Medicine to Treat Life-Threatening Illnesses

Arthur Jarvis University in Akpabuyo, Cross River State, has announced the commencement of using traditional medicine to treat life-threatening illnesses. This initiative aims to promote local content and utilize the abundant herbs available in the surrounding forests.

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Sir Arthur Jarvis, Chancellor of the institution, stated that the Governing Council approved the construction and equipping of a standard Institute of Trado-Medical Research within the university campus. This institute will leverage the expertise of local traditional medical practitioners and the rich biodiversity of the region to treat various ailments, including haemorrhoids, prostate issues, diabetes, asthma, kidney stones, cancer, fibroids, epilepsy, and bone fractures.

The project has been under research for several years, and the university claims a 100% cure rate for many of these ailments. Dr Joe Edet, the acting vice chancellor, emphasized the university’s commitment to exploring innovative approaches to healthcare.