The management of The Art Hotel, Lagos has expressed delight at the opportunity to be part of the ongoing Lagos Polo Tournament.

The Managing Director of the hotel, Tunji Abdul, while unveiling his sponsorship package for The Art Hotel Polo Team, said it’s part of the hotel’s active participation in nation building as well as imparting in the community its operates.

Mr. Abdul said, “At the Art hotel, we believe that an active participation in our community is vital and as such we are delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor the Art Hotel Polo Team in the 2023 NPA Lagos International Polo Tournament.” 

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The Managing Director of the hotel stressed that the Art Hotel is not only looking at “Art” in the traditional sense such as paintings and sculptures, but also take the view that such visually stunning and competitive game as Polo fits hand in glove with the hotel’s vision of the differentiated arts and its extensive influence on culture in the widest sense both in Nigeria and abroad. 

He added that the management of the hotel looks forward to sponsoring teams and tournaments in the future.