The president of Arm Wrestling Federation of Nigeria (AWFN), Engineer Samuel Olatunji Jackson narrowly escaped death on Tuesday morning after his car caught fire in Abuja.

The incident happened just a few minutes after Engineer Jackson stopped to buy fuel at a filling station on his way to a meeting in Abuja.

He had bought the fuel and was back on the road, only to realise that the Honda Pilot 2012 model had started overheating and fire burst out in a flash, after which the car got burnt to ashes.

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The arm wrestling boss still had signs of shock some hours later, as he battled to narrate his ordeal, but gave thanks to God for helping him emerge unscathed from the inferno.

“The car has gone, but I’m back in my home. I cannot go for the meeting again, but I’m still alive.

“I thank God for my life, and I want everybody to know that I am okay. I also thank them for their concern,” Jackson stated.