From Okwe Obi, Abuja
The Northern Youths Progressive Network, has urged the Federal Government to disregard calls for the review of pipeline surveillance contract currently managed by Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited. 
Its Convener, Bala Mohammed, in a statement, yesterday, said those calling for the contract review lacked technical know-how on the management of pipelines.
He said: “The Northern Youth Progressive Network NYPN has observed with serious  concern, the recent outburst by a certain faceless group, the Coalition of Civil Society Groups in Nigeria, calling on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to review the landmark pipeline surveillance contract awarded to a reputable Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited.
“The group had scandalously labelled Tantita’s founder, High Chief Government Ekpemupolo known as Tompolo as an ex- militant with questionable character, branding him and his company as non state actors.
“To say the least, the Northern Youth Progressive Network finds this allegations as false, scandalous and a calculated attempt by enemies of the State to undermine the peace process gradually returning to the once volatile oil industry in Nigeria before the engagement of Tantita Security outfit.
“To state that Government decision to engage Tantita would compromise national security and empower the group to arm themselves, perpetuate violence and instability in the region is rather unfortunate.
“It is on record that Tompolo is not just a patriotic Nigerian but a human rights activist and advocate of the emancipation of the minority.
“It is equally fallacious to state that  entrusting pipeline security to Tantita Security outfit undermines Nigeria’s sovereignty and international reputation, particularly within OPEC.
“This is because the activities of the organisation has rather enhanced the nation’s crude oil production from barely 500,000 barrel  per day to almost 2, 000,000 within a year.
“This feat has not been attained for over a decade due to activities of oil bunkers, insecurity and sabotage by some highly placed individuals and their collaborators.
“In addition, Tantita activities in the region since the engagement has helped in the restoration of aquatic lives, enabling fisher men to return to business, enhancement of agricultural activities, and providing gainful employment for the teaming youths of the Niger Delta.
“Recall also that before the involvement of Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited, professional groups such as special taskforce among other security formations in Nigeria has failed to contend menace in the region.
“What government security forces have failed to achieve, Tantita has made it possible within a short time, preventing militants and oil bunkers from causing more harm to the sector.
“For this reason, Tompolo and his pragmatic organisation deserves more accolades, awards and encouragement,  not the needless hate and envy by detractors.
“We are not however unaware of the fact that the recent media attack and blackmail launched against Tompolo by a faceless group is clearly a sponsored handiwork of crude oil thieves who are hell bent on their nefarious activities but cannot deter him from the task of sanitizing the oil and gas sector of the nation for greater economic prosperity.
“In conclusion, while the Coalition of Civil Society Groups in Nigeria have the right to express their concerns about the pipeline surveillance contract awarded to Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited via NNPCL by the Federal Government of Nigeria, it is important to base discussions on accurate information, verifiable facts, and valid evidence.
“The award of government contracts involves established procedures and criteria, and decisions regarding contract reviews should be made based on legal grounds and valid reasons, rather than unsubstantiated claims.”