The General Overseer of Omega Power Ministries who is also a first class king, His Royal Majesty Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere, Ihie 1 of Ikwuorie Autonomous community celebrates Downsyndrome children from OPM free school for Autism and Downsyndrome. The celebration took place on Thursday at his private residence to Mark world Downsyndrome day 2024.
World Down Syndrome Day falls annually on 21 March. This year 2024 the theme is ‘End the Stereotypes’.

The day is dedicated to raising awareness and promoting understanding of Down Syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects communication and social interaction.

During the celebration, His Royal Majesty took time to donate bicycles to all the Downsyndrome children in OPM free school for children Born with Autism and Downsyndrome while various gifts were distributed to them together with food and drinks.
Recently, God’s Servant distributed bags of rice and other food items together with an undisclosed amount of money to each Autistic and Downsyndrome children in OPM free school to enable them feeds adequately.

According to the man of God ” The donation of bicycles will enable them to have regular exercise from time to time ” adding that Downsyndrome children should be shown love and Care.

He said that celebrating them and showing them love makes them to feel belong and happy.

His Royal Majesty King Apostle Dr Chibuzor Gift Chinyere has done his modest best to provide quality free education to the Downsyndrome children in Nigeria.

His Downsyndrome free school initiatives have put the Downsyndrome children in the part of progress as so many of them can do what they have never done before.

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Down Syndrome is a common condition, affecting an estimated 6 million people worldwide.
Although there is no cure for Down Syndrome, it can be treated with the help of supportive care and proper lifestyle which the man of God has been proving for them including a good learning and conducive environment.

People with Down Syndrome can live long and fulfilling lives if properly taken care of.

Some people see Downsyndrome children as an outcast. Some parents ignore them. Some are faced with rejection and all kinds of abuse. Some parents believe it is a waste of time and resources to send them to school.

His Royal Majesty Apostle Chibuzor places special recognition on Downsyndrome children in Nigeria. This is evident on the special professional teachers he employed to put them on the right part.
His Majesty has shown Downsyndrome children so much love and care which some of their parents could not give to them.
In every part of the world including Nigeria, Downsyndrome school is very expensive but the man of God built state of the art free school for children Born with Downsyndrome in Nigeria.

It is worthy of note that there is no Free school for Downsyndrome children around the world except the one built by His Royal Majesty King Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere which he is funding through tithes and offerings from his church.
Even though there is no support or recognition from the United Nations or any donor agencies, he is still making frantic efforts to enable Downsyndrome children to achieve success in life.

World Down Syndrome Day provides an opportunity to create a single, global voice against the stereotypes and discrimination associated with Down syndrome. It also aims to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of people with this condition, and to encourage them to feel supported and valued.

Recall that OPM free school for autism and Downsyndrome started three years ago with the provision of free school uniforms, footwears, school bags and back-to-school supplies, just the way the man of God distributes freely to children in 34 regular OPM free schools.