By Steve Agbota                                    

APM Terminals, Apapa, has begun the recycling of used lubricants and discarded Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as boilersuits and reflective jackets.

This is in partnership with Kevron Consulting, certified by the relevant authority in Lagos State. The terminal made this known recently, ahead of the International Day of Zero Waste celebrations.

Health and Safety Manager, Felix Ugwuagbo said: “We understand the need to monitor the disposal of our used lubricants. We do not want to contribute to environmental degradation and have our used lubes end up in the waterways, clogging the drains or further used for transportation contributing to air pollution.

“We are partnering with Kevron Consulting in this regard. Now, our used lubricants are safely evacuated from the terminal, treated and then recycled into other purposes or in some cases, safely disposed of, same applies to our discarded PPEs. We encourage our employees to hand over their torn/unusable reflective jackets, boilersuits etc in exchange for new ones. These discarded PPE are then handed over to a partner organisation that washes, treats and recycles them into rags which are used by for cleaning purposes within our terminal.”

In order to preserve and prolong the shelf life of PPEs to reduce waste generation, the terminal also runs an onsite laundry service which cares for the protective clothing worn by frontline employees.

To ensure the laundry service follows washing guidelines provided by the PPE manufacturers, the terminal’s HSE, Facility Management and Procurement teams work closely together with the laundry service provider.

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Over the last few years, Nigeria’s largest container terminal has embarked on a focused campaign to not only reduce its waste but also to recycle them into other purposes through collaborations with relevant authorities and organisations.

In 2021, APM Terminals banned the use of single-use plastic bottled water, eliminating an annual waste of 408,800 plastic bottles. The terminal also currently purchases boilersuits and reflective jackets produced from recycled PET bottles from its international partner.


The following year, the terminal signed an MOU with FREEE Recycle Limited, to recycle its used tyres into paying blocks for exterior paving.

Terminal Manager, Steen Knudsen, said, “The ESG Strategy of the AP-Moller Maersk Group, of which we are a part, is to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. This means reducing our environmental footprint on solid waste which contribute to these gas emissions.

“As a business, we will continue to identify areas of continuous improvement and opportunities, to promote sustainable patterns in our consumption and operations by recycling our waste. It is important to partner with companies with different areas of expertise to complement our efforts to ensure that together, we reduce the environmental footprint of our businesses.”