Alebiosu speaks on why he joined forces with the Fouad Oki group in the battle to fight perceived injustice that characterised the recent conduct of the APC congresses in [Lagos].

Remi Adefulu

Dayo Alebiosu, son of Lagos East All Progressives Congress (APC) Leader, Chief Busura Alebiosu, is a former member of the House of Representatives.

He speaks on why he joined forces with the Fouad Oki group in the battle to fight perceived injustice that characterised the recent conduct of the APC congresses in the state.

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What is your impression of the recent APC congresses?

My impression is simple and straight forward. The party guidelines say that the congresses shall be conducted in wards and local governments recognised by INEC. We know that there are 20 councils in Lagos State, and it was on this premise that we conducted our congress. Usually what happens at the wards and the Local governments determine who to vote into the state executives.

As you know, bubble rises from the bottom to the top, not from top to the bottom based on that we conducted ours in the 20 councils and from there; we did the state congress, at Airport Hotel.

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I am aware that there were issues on the other side because they came to a consensus, and I am wondering which consensus. Is it the entire party that couldn’t realise consensus at the ward level, at the council level, that suddenly reached a consensus at the state level? It’s amazing. The National Working Committee held a meeting. Before then came petitions. The NWC said the congress held in the Local Council Development Areas were illegal and as such were null and void.

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It was not ok, and as a result some people went to court for interpretation. We have states where some people were sworn-in and later removed. After all, that was how Aregbesola became governor of Osun State. We have situations in state and National Assembly where people who had already been sworn in were asked to vacate their seats by the courts. We are waiting to hear the response from the court.

Don’t you think the inability of the party to resolve issues arising from the local government election are part of this problem?

We held party congresses. I know that some people have approached the courts as well. That is another issue entirely. Some of the issues arising from the local government are in court, some of them are not. That is a forgone thing. Now, the focus is on the congress. From here, we move forward. From here the future is determined.

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The former chairman of Lagos APC and the House of Reps leader claimed there was only one state congress, how do you react?

So, who were those people who attended our congress if they say it never held? It was widely publicised. You saw how well attended it was. It was a capacity crowd that attended. How do you say it never held?

I think whoever is saying so is only trying to hide behind a finger. Can a person hide behind a finger? If it never held, why did the NWC say they should look into it and find a political solution to it? Reporters who attended were the ones writing, they haven’t been fed stories. There is no point looking at that direction or looking into that. I didn’t say that arrogantly. I said it purposefully.

The National Exco of the party had said the chairmen of Lagos, Bayelsa and Rivers would not be sworn in only to do a summersault, what was your immediate reaction?

I have always believed that there is a positive in everything. The news came as negative but finding a way forward is always positive. Of course, you know we are in court over that, and don’t forget that two people are usually involved in a court process the plaintiff and the defendant. We leave it to the court. But one thing I know clearly is that minutes were taken at the meeting of the National Working Committee and the court will act based on that.

The party spoke about a political solution, is that feasible?

Even in times of war, you still go back to the round table, but one thing I know is that there is always a solution to every problem. If there is a solution, so be it.

Your side has been accused of not exploiting internal mechanism before going to court, is this not weighty?

What avenues? We know what happened during the congresses. In my own constituency, a member of the House of Assembly, Mr. Bayo Osinowo did not allow due process. He is always trying to be clever by half. This is describing him, not insulting him. The question we need to ask ourselves is: How come the guys who came to look at petitions leave hurriedly? They must have submitted something to the NWC. Why did the NWC rule on that? If these have now changed, which is overriding the NWC, we call for interpretation unless they will be willing to explain other avenues that we are not privy to, or we do not understand or probably it’s unstipulated. We exploited all stipulated avenues. They are probably talking about unstipulated avenues, and they will need to tell us.

Don’t you consider this scenario a major issue in view of its closeness to election?

You cannot because of peace begin another conflict; otherwise, you begin another war. We have gone to court rather. We are seeking justice for there to be peace. The other option is to exploit political solution.

For the first time, you are not on the same page politically with your father, how does this sound to you?

I am an adult. I served under Asiwaju (Bola Tinubu) as His Special Adviser on Housing. I went to the National Assembly. My father will always be my father. He is my political backbone, but that does not mean I should not disagree with him. It is an opinion that I have. I have an opinion, I made a decision. Those people I served with who are governors have fathers as well. I served with Aminu Tambuwal, Governor of Sokoto State. I served with Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Governor of Enugu State.

The Chairman of the Governors’ Forum, Governor Yari, I served with him. They all have fathers as well, but they are also old enough to make decisions for themselves. They are leaders, and they are doing that which is expected of them. I am following my heart, and that which I believe in.