Billy Graham Abel, Yola

The Adamawa State organising secretary of the APC, Ahmed Lawal, says he has been vindicated by formerly resistant APC leaders in the North finally accepting his push that the party select its next presidential candidate for the 2023 election from the South West.

Lawal said the recent recanting of the earlier position held against power rotation by some Northern APC big wigs proves that his position and insistance on a South West 2023 candidacy is an idea whose time has come and should be embraced by all Nigerians regardless of their ethnicity or religion.

Lawal made this known in chat with Daily Sun over the weekend.

The outspoken politician, while commending the APC leaders for embracing his idea of power shift, said thag it has become an indispensable step that must be taken in order to ensure the political stabilisation of the country.

Lawal said every region in the country should embrace the movement which hs been neglected in the past in order to ensure and assure every Nigerian that they have a stake in the country and that we all belong together.

The APC chieftain announced that plans are in full gear to formally launch the movement and raise the much needed support for a power shift to the South West.

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He said one of the biggest objectives of the power rotation plan is to reward the West for its unwavering faith in democracy as a system of government and for championing the cause of the APC as a party and, consequently, use it as a yardstick for power distribution in the country.

Ahmed Lawal said: “Initially, I was opposed and insulted by some notable northern politicians, but I am happy that these very opponents of our movement today have had a rethink and changed their stands on the power rotation idea.

“We are calling on all well meaning Nigerians and party members accross all regions to support power rotation to the South West.

“This will serve as a mark of reward for sustainable support and loyalty to the party and will, henceforth, serve as a yardstick for power distribution in Nigeria.

“You can see how the South West advocated for democracy in Nigeria and supported our party to succeed in both 2015 and 2019 general elections.

“Today it is our turn to support them, too. It doesn’t mean that other regions did not contribute to the party’s victory but theirs was quite tremendous.

“It is a common knowledge that even the North East had been compensated with the Senate Presidency and the SGF due to their tremendous support for the party.  So, people must learn to be patient and give support to others so that others will support you too when you need them,” he said.