From Pastor John Ikechukwu

Anosike, president and senior pastor of the New World Faith Ministry, has said the forthcoming Easter celebration is a time for reflection and an opportunity to embrace opportunities to transform Nigeria.

He charged Nigerians to work hard and restore the hope of rebuilding the nation despite the current hardship being experienced by the masses.

The Pastor also advised Nigerians to embrace the power of prayers which according to him will bring positive changes to all spheres of endeavours in the country.

“Prayer is not merely a religious ritual; it is a powerful tool for effecting change,” Pastor Anosike declared. “As citizens, it is our duty to intercede for our leaders, seeking divine wisdom and guidance for them to govern with integrity and compassion.

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“Let us pray without ceasing, work tirelessly, and stand united in our resolve to build a Nigeria where justice and prosperity prevail, a Nigeria that fulfills its immense potential and serves as a beacon of hope for the African continent and the world.”

In his recent address at the Abuja National Conference which had over 40,000 online views, Pastor Anosike emphasized the indispensability of prayer in shaping our nation’s destiny. He urged Nigerians to lift up their leaders in prayer, acknowledging the weight of their responsibilities and the challenges they face in steering the country towards prosperity.

Using some government officials present as a point of contact, Pastor Anosike led the entire congregation in a passionate plea for God’s intervention in all spheres of our national life. He stressed the need for leaders to prioritize the welfare of the people, eschewing personal gains and political expediency for the greater good of the nation.

Pastor Anosike challenged Nigerians to embrace their roles as active participants in nation-building. He emphasized the value of civic engagement, entrepreneurship, and community development initiatives in fostering a more equitable and prosperous society.

For the Easter celebration, Pastor Anosike will be hosting another outreach programme tagged ‘How to Lay Hold on Resurrection Power’ between March 29 and 31 and it will be live on all the church’s online platforms.