Cosmas Omegoh

Communities in Imo State are rearing to revival the communal spirit in them which the people of South East have been known for over the centuries.

One of such communities is Anara in Isiala-Mbano Local government Area.

The indigenes want to use the Easter season to call on themselves to think home and help re-enkindle the flickering flame of communality fire which many believe might go out if nothing tangible is done urgently.

In a recent release titled “Clarion call to duty,” issued by ace broadcaster and former NTA journalist, Felix Iwuagwu, the community said it had become expedient to revive the erstwhile Anara Town Union which was a veritable platform for the community.

The releases said a meeting had been scheduled to hold on Easter Day, April 21 at the home of a highly-respected indigene of the community, Chief Austin Iwuoha of Umezike village.

“It is with pertinent heart, that I most sincerely invite you to a meeting of Anara sons with a view to resuscitating our moribund Anara Town Union (ATU).

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“As you may agree, ATU has always been a voice for ventilating Anara’s position in times past before the advent of the out-going administration in Imo State and you will agree with me that things are badly shaped in our community today because of the absence of a true central galvanising force that once acted as a catalyst for our overall interest.

“Please, don’t let the efforts of our heros past be in vain. Remember dear brothers that our motto has always been “IBU ANYI DANDA.”

“Hence, it is against this backdrop and the recent happenings in the country that we are calling for a meeting of some revered sons of Anara to a meeting on the way forward.”

While lamenting the role of the outgoing administration in Imo in politicising town union government in various communities through the introduction of what it called the “Fourth Tier government,” the release made it clear that the call for the revival of the community’s government had no political undertone.

“Please note that this meeting is without prejudice to any political affiliation or vested interest but Anara’s future and well being.”

It described Chief Iwuoha as a highly respected personality in the community and enjoined all the invited persons to attend en masse, stating that the meeting would hold at 1 pm prompt.