By Gabriel Dike


• University officials and some awardees in Lagos Prof. Oban


The Prowess University, Delaware USA in corroboration with Institute of Arts Management Professionals (IAMPS) at the weekend conferred 34 doctorate and fellowship awards on some Nigerians, who have distinguished themselves in different fields.

The award ceremony, which took place at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka attracted a representative of the America university in Nigeria and top officials of IAMPS and many relations of the awardees.

A breakdown of the awards revealed that 17 Nigerians were conferred with doctorate awards for the America institution and 17 IAMPS fellowship awards

• Prof. Obanla Adebayo, Nwankwo, Ojukwu and IAMPS officials at award event in Lagos Prof. Obanla Adebayo, Nwankwo, Ojukwu and IAMPS officials at award event in Lagos


Among guests at the event includes Speaker, Adamawa State House of Assembly,  Bathiya Wesley, Provost of Adamawa College of Education, Hong, Prof. Yusuf Baha, captains of industries, academics and well-wishers.

In his speech, the representative of Prowess University in Nigeria and Board member of IAMPS, Prof. Chidi Ezibe described the induction and doctorate award as an epoch making event and in recognition to promote professionals to do more in their different areas of endeavours.

According to him, a committee selected the awardees on merit after evaluation. He said the certificates are 100 percent genuine and acceptable by many institutes.

Prof. Ezibe confirmed that many nominated individuals were rejected by the evaluation committee and urged the awardees to use the additional qualification as an avenue to promote the country.

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The guest speaker, Prof. Augustine Uranta advised Nigerians to take a stand and to create alternative strategies for freeing ourselves, warning that Nigeria as a nation does not need another civil war to find her bearings.

He stated: “Nigeria does not need another strongman like Hitler who will create national destructive pride in citizens where they unknowingly buy into the demonic plot of a dangerous despot; nor is Nigeria in need of another Moses to do miracles or magic to prove a point before her oppressors, no! What we need as a country is a working system, healthy policies, participatory and active citizenship, and independent institutions that can drive the long-awaited development in its entirety.

Uranta, Professor of Religious Studies Prowess University USA spoke on “Waves of Freedom: The Interchange of Personal Responsibility in Nation Building: Prospects and Realities.”

His words: “Nigeria doesn’t need larger Churches or Mosques, Nigeria doesn’t need an Igbo man, Nigeria doesn’t need a Yoruba man, Nigeria doesn’t need a Hausa/Fulani man, Nigeria doesn’t need an Ijaw man, Nigeria doesn’t need an Ibibio man, etc. Nigeria, need good roads, power (electricity), good schools, and good hospitals; Nigeria need strengthened institutions, Nigeria need good men – armed with skills, goodwill/integrity, and Nigeria needs more factories and industries. Most importantly, Nigeria needs you.”

According to him, “our collective responsibility in the wake of our post-election experiences and corresponding realities of 2024 and beyond; we must now look past our political, religious, and ethnic divides, and begin to press for leadership accountability for the enthronement of good governance and effective leadership above mediocre level and extreme autocratic tendencies that has fueled the high-rate governmental incapacitation. Thus, good governance is the heart of the process of national advancement, unity, peace, and prosperity.

“Nigeria today is at the crossroads of her political history, and on the threshold of decisions to make or to mar, to make successful or to ruin! Violent approaches, religious or ethnic profiling, Political rascality/godfatherism, and biases have all proven to have failed us, and did not take us anywhere.’’

One of the awardee, the Managing Director of Britking Homes and Properties Ltd, Abuja, Mr. Izuchukwu Bright Nwankwo, who was honoured with doctorate degree, honoraris Causas in Estate Management by the Prowess University, Delaware USA, described the award as a drama come true. 

Nwanwko lauded IAMPS for recognizing his contribution in real estate management in the country, stressing, “it is an opportunity to do more for the industry and the country.”

“I didn’t know the award would come soon. I have always known that a day will come for this kind of honour. As young businessman, we have over 200 youths in our employment. This award is a stepping-stone,’’ he added.

Nwankwo, who is from Ezza South Local Government Area in Ebonyi State advised Nigerian youths to believe in themselves, be diligent, dedicated, consistent and forward looking in whatever they do.

Another awardee, the Executive Director of Britking Homes and Properties Ltd, Abuja, Mr. Chukwuemeka Kingsely Ojukwu was conferred with doctorate degree, honoraris Causas in Estate Management by the Prowess University, Delaware USA said he never knew the award come that day.

Ojukwu commended the university for conferring the award on him and assured them that he would continue to keep the flag flying.

He advised Nigerian youths that there is no short cut to success and they should remain focused in their undertakings, noting, “they must pay attention to handiwork. A day will come when they will receive award.’’ 

The Publisher of Explorer Magazine, Dr. Tobenna Obiano described the two awardees as young businessmen, who have broken through in their profession within three years.

Obiano explained that within two years, Britking Homes and Properties Ltd constructed one f the best estate in Abuja, stating, “they have 15 housing estates in Abuja. They built the biggest housing estate in Abuja. Because of their outstanding performance, I wrote to Prowess University, Delawar to honour them.’’