All is now set for the premier edition of Ada Igbo Beauty Pageant, with the grand finale slated for the prestigious Golden Gate Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos in November.
The razzmatazz heralding the epoch-making event, which kicks off from this month to November, is already generating waves among young, beautiful girls across Igbo land, with many jostling to contest for honours at the event.
Powered by Ohaneze Ndigbo Lagos, the project is envisioned to encourage young Igbo girls between the ages of 18 and 26, to showcase their beauty, intelligence, family values and knowledge of Igbo language and culture, as well as other unique values of N’digbo.
In a chat with TS Weekend, Obinna Ambrose Okonkwo, director general, Ada Igbo Beauty Pageant, said: “The pageant is a rare platform uniquely packaged to enable young girls of Igbo extraction to display their beauty, elegance, artistic skills, intelligence, leadership qualities and deep knowledge of Igbo language and cultural heritage. Also as goodwill ambassadors and cultural advocates, these maidens will serve as new generational change agents in our society.”
According to him, the project would promote the best of Ndigbo socio-cultural heritage, community development, friendship and cultural exchanges, while creating the desired local and international awareness on the uniqueness of Igbo language, tradition and immense business and tourism potentials of Igboland.
In order to set the bar of the pageant higher over similar events in the past, a formidable organising team comprising of notable personalities like Chief Okey Udeji, HRM Vera Johnson Osuagwu, Jennifer Okechi and others have assured of making the project a success and quite memorable.
To make it easier for many beautiful and young Igbo girls living in Igboland or in Diaspora to participate in the pageant, a dedicated online registration portal,, has being unveiled to the public.
The face of Adaigbo beauty pageant and member of the organising team, Vera Johnson Osuagwu, posited that the project would target on grooming the young Igbo girls through cultural classes, and significantly improve their knowledge and understanding of Igbo language and socio-cultural heritage, while the president of Ohaneze Ndigbo Lagos, Chief Fabian Onwughalu, said: “the project will empower our young girls participating in the programme and further promote the uniqueness of our cultural heritage to the outside world.”
An elated member of the organising team, Jennifer Okechi, in a telephone call from her base in Spain, said: “Its going to be a memorable pageant that is set to reassure the world of the beauty of our girls and love for our culture and language, and also offer the beautiful maidens the rare opportunity to dazzle the world with their elegance and intelligence.”
With the grand finale slated for November, organisers had already earmarked mouth-watery rewards such as a brand new car, big generating set, plasma TV, and wardrobe allowances for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions respectively, as well as lots of consolation prizes for deserving contestants.

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