Walter Ukaegbu, Abuja

Leading telecommunications services provider, Airtel Nigeria, at the weekend, launched its 4G LTE network in Abuja with an assurance that the latest technology would empower more Nigerians, stimulate economic activities across all sectors of the economy as well as provide unfettered access to affordable and reliable mobile broadband.

Airtel’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Segun Ogunsanya, while speaking during the event, said the 4G LTE is a technology that puts power in the hands of its users because it provides a super fast mobile broadband to Nigerians.

He said the telco has in the past seven weeks upgraded and modernised its network infrastructure in the nation’s capital to improve productivity, spread prosperity and help telecoms consumers in Abuja to fulfil their potential as well as realise their dreams.

“Ours is a 4G service that is not only fast and reliable but a 4G service that works. We are enabling mobile first, mobile only access to the internet. If you have only one TV in your household, you don’t have to argue over remote control. Your phone equals your TV.

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“Already, I have started getting some positive reviews of the Airtel 4G service in Abuja. We pioneered GSM in Nigeria. First GSM call in Nigeria was made on our network in 2001. Now we are launching the best 4G network in Abuja. We keep connecting people and businesses,” he said.
Ogunsanya also noted that since the 4G was first launched in Ibadan in February this year, the positive feedback from users, friends and other stakeholders in Ibadan have been excellent attesting to the speed of the network.

He said the company plans to extend the technology to all over the country before the end of the year, making it the widest 4G network in Nigeria.
In his presentation, Airtel’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ahmad Mohkles, said the potential for 4G network in Nigeria is huge as only about 100 million of the 139 million mobile phone users have access to internet.

He said the 4G technology would be around for a long time, and urged Nigerians to swap their old Airtel SIM cards to the latest technology to enjoy super fast mobile internet. The Minister of Communications, Mr. Adebayo Shittu, applauded Airtel for deploying 4G in the Federal Capital City, Abuja. He said that it is a major milestone for Airtel in providing leadership in setting the technology standard for 4G services by rolling out its cutting edge network in line with its corporate vision of becoming a first class mobile internet service provider in Nigeria.

“The Federal Government is happy to celebrate with Airtel on this milestone and on other efforts aimed at achieving robust and extensive network coverage in Nigeria.”