Fast rising singer, Jenny O, has sensationally revealed that Casanovas inspired her latest single, Agaracha.

In a chat with TS Weekend, the light-skinned TV presenter said: “Agaracha was inspired by a few stories I heard about Casanovas. You know, the ‘chop and go’ kind of guys, so I felt the need to touch on that grey area as most times we often emphasise on a boy loving a girl and what not.”

In 2007, Jenny O hit the Nigerian music scene with her debut single, Yepirapira, which earned her relative success. However, she took a break to hone her skills in TV presenting and also released a couple of singles including Take It Away, Follow U Go, and Shomara to mention a few.

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How does she combine the world of a singer and TV presenting? “It’s been tasking juggling being a TV presenter and an artiste, but I have found a way to balance the two. Since they are intertwined it hasn’t been so difficult. I’m passionate about the two and I try to ensure they both don’t clash,” she said.

Recounting how she came into TV presenting and music, Jenny O, who discovered she was cut out for the silver screen at age 16, and who says her influences include Beyonce, Adele and Celine Dion, explained: “It has always been a dream to be a singer. I love to express myself through music. Music helps me find my inner self-connect with people. I have always known I wanted to be a TV presenter because I know I have the voice and I have an endearing and relatable personality.”