Emerging Afro-French musician Harley Echene Mathieu Yoan Ilfix popularly known as Harley says he is confident in the genre of Afrobeats as a promising trajectory with numerous surprises for the music industry.


In a recent interview, the 22-year-old Afro-fusion vocalist expressed his unwavering belief in the genre’s potential, emphasising the global impact and continuous evolution of Afrobeat .


“Afrobeat still has a lot of surprises in store,” he said


Harley further stated that he want to put Afrobeats in the place it deserves in France, through real lyrics.

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With his upcoming album set to release in 2024, Harley’s dedication to infusing Afro and Amapiano vibes into his music further illustrates his commitment to pushing the boundaries of Afrobeat to captivate audiences with distinct sounds.


“Asides from the fact that it’s what I love doing the most, another reason I love to create music is to connect with the people out there that I know may be in my exact situation and need music to help them through whatever they going through.”


“My environment influences my music on the points or in the texts I like to approach life experiences that I have lived or that my loved ones have lived. So I use what is happening around me to tell stories in my music,” he said


As Harley continues to establish his presence as a trailblazer in Afro-French music, his optimism serves as a testament to the genre’s enduring appeal and its capacity to inspire and surprise music enthusiasts around the world.


“I want to make people not feel alone anymore, I want people to connect with my song and know if I can do it they can too,” Harley said.