From Lateef Dada, Osogbo

Following days of massive protests and demonstrations across Osun State, Governor Ademola Adeleke has expressed appreciation to the people of the state for their passionate show of love and rejection of the judgment of the governorship tribunal.

Reacting to protests across the state, Adeleke expressed delight at the reaffirmation of popular support for his governorship mandate, assuring the people that “the popular mandate will not be stolen either through front or backdoor.”

In a statement personally signed and made available to journalists by his spokesperson Olawale Rasheed, on Sunday, Adeleke said, “I have read stories of multiple protests and I have seen many
videos from all over the state. From Central, West, and east, I am overwhelmed by your open defense of our mandate. I express my appreciation to our people for their show of support. Your love for me is much appreciated.

“We have not done anything wrong. We won clearly with a wide margin. Local and foreign observers hailed our election as the best in recent Nigerian history. Be rest assured that by God and Man, justice will be done. Our mandate won’t be stolen.

“I urge you to remain calm. We should not take the law into our hands. We have appealed the judgment and we are sure of victory by the Special Grace of God,” he added.