From Okey Sampson, Umuahia

A former state chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Abia, Senator Emma Nwaka has said the party in the state is now a ghost of itself.

Nwaka, who spoke against the backdrop of the avalanche of defections that have hit the state chapter of the party in recent times, said remaining in the party would be like having a one-man party.

The former state chairman of the party said he was not surprised with the turn of events. “What you’re witnessing is symptomatic of food-is-ready politicians. Instead of rebuilding the party they destroyed, they have chosen to become mere tenants elsewhere.”

He recalled that PDP, Abia State was comatose as at 2010 when he was drafted to come and rebuild it.

“Without thumping my chest, it is right to say that my team and I did a good job of the assignment. My five years at the helm have been described as the golden years of the party.

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I returned the party to its winning ways. During my time, party affairs were conducted from the party secretariat and party members had a say but the moment I turned my back, all that changed.

“Party officials, after my exit, lost control. They started taking instructions from a few government officials, who weaponized the party against perceived enemies within the party.

“They sat in Umuahia and decided who would be an officer of the party at the ward level. As if that was not enough, the three senatorial structure of the state became non-existent in their minds and ceased to be the basis for the allocation of offices.

“Abia, for them, was made up of old-Bende and Aba Districts. In the process, Abia North Senatorial Zone, was alienated. All these and more, laid the foundation for the death of the party.”

Nwaka said it is unfortunate that Instead of making efforts to rebuild the party, those who saw to its destruction he called the food-is-ready politicians chose to abandon their sinking ship.

“The once vibrant party is now a ghost of itself. To remain in that sinking ship will be a bad adventure and I have decided to join the Siddon Look Party (SLP), adding that new members are welcome as they will soon build it into a formidable party.