Continental music platform, MTV Base has continued to churn out high-quality programmes that many have come to know and love.

While the Viacom channel has tons of exciting content that viewers admire, here are top five shows that they could be dying to see in 2019.

1. Celeb Living

No other show on television takes viewers to the cribs of their favourite celebrities like Celeb Living. Celeb Living always comes with lavish pools, huge walk-in closets and all the bigger-than-life television magic that people have come to love the show for.

2. Official Naija Top Ten

Arguably the biggest music chart show in Nigeria, Official Naija Top Ten counts down the biggest Nigerian songs, with the personality and effortless charisma of MTV Base VJ, Dada Boy Ehiz. With new episodes every week, Official Naija Top Ten is the best way to see how well your favourite jam is doing while finding out what new jams are making it up the charts.

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3. Word On The Street 

Tagged as the revamped version of Street Request, Word On The Street gives us the behind the scenes access to the biggest A-list events. Along with the behind-the-scenes look at the events, Word On The Streets also offers viewers exclusive red carpet moments with some of the industry’s biggest names.

4. Bigger Friday Show  

A little canary squeals that one of the fans’ favourite MTV Base shows of all time is making a comeback, and to say that viewers are merely excited does not cut it. From pranking Timaya and D’ija to stumping Yemi Alade and Cynthia Morgan with their question segment, the Bigger Friday Show has given out some of the most iconic and hilarious television moments in recent history. Well, we can’t wait to see how MTV Base reinvents the show for 2019.

5. A Day In The Life  

For those who always wonder what it is like to be a celebrity, if only for one day, A Day In The Life is one-stop show. The reality television show-styled production trails fans’ favourite celebrities, as they take on whatever tasks the day has for them. Seeing the drama behind the magic always succeeds in showing that these celebrities are really just like us, but very different at the same time.