Making money is not as difficult as we think. How much money you make depends on the information you have access to and how much of it you apply. We now live in a world where there is unlimited access to information compared to the times past.

Picture this – imagine a group of people participating in a marathon. They have been taught that the key to success is running as fast as they can. So, they start running with all their might, putting in immense effort and sweat. However, as they continue running, they notice that some people who are not running as fast are still ahead in the race. They begin to question the belief that running hard is the only way to win a race; awareness is also a key part of it.

In this analogy, the marathon race represents the pursuit of success and wealth in life – the belief that running hard symbolizes the traditional notion of hard work being the sole determinant of success. The people who are not running as hard working but still ahead represent individuals who have found alternative approaches or strategies to achieve success without solely relying on hard work.

The realization is that while hard work is important, it is not the only factor that determines success. To achieve true success and wealth, one needs to think outside the box. You have to be flexible, raise your level of awareness and explore different approaches, just like how some CEOs, investors, content creators and YouTubers have found success by working smarter.

Making good passive income for yourself should be your top priority this year. If you are unemployed or employed with a job that pays you, you will definitely like to make money while you sleep at night, right? I am going to share with you how I make money even while I sleep at night. Trust me, when I say it’s the best feeling ever.

Fortunately, I have been actively trading in the financial markets for over seven years and I have been profitable for the longest time. From my wealth of experience, I see that a lot of traders or aspiring traders struggle to make profits consistently from the market. Thankfully, with the advancement of technology, the advent of robot trading has made it easier for traders to trade and make consistent profits from the forex market.

The introduction of the Pips Pilot Expert Advisor, a trading robot used to make passive income to the trading world, has since turned losing traders into very profitable ones. It has also helped a lot of traders on the verge of either blowing their accounts or losing a prop challenge preserve these accounts.

Personally, I trade manually and teach people how to trade. I use the bot to earn when I am not trading actively. I have also shared this opportunity with many other traders who are currently using the bot to make extra cash for themselves. Interestingly, some of the traders are new to trading. They are learning how to trade manually but already cashing out with the use of the Pips Pilot Expert Advisor.

I am strongly of the opinion that you can earn passively while working other jobs or learning how to trade manually. You do not need to acquire too much trading knowledge before you can make money with the bot. The bot has a lot of great features, including but not limited to, gaining access to the forex market 24/5, no restrictions as to when and how you can trade, programmed to execute trades on your behalf even when you are not seated in front of your screen.


Having a good knowledge of how robots work will help you clearly understand that they are highly disciplined. They follow instructions consistently to the latter, with no emotions attached. There are people who are not new to trading; they have a good knowledge of the forex market but their biggest challenge is fear, and also not knowing the exact time to execute their trades. If you are among this category of traders, then the forex robot will be of immense help to you.

Furthermore, the human nature always struggles with discipline, and tend to make decisions on impulse without thinking it through. This could result to being at risk of losing your capital. In contrast, the risk of ruining your capital with the Pips Pilot Expert Advisor is very minimal. It is an intelligent bot that applies good risk management to protect your account from getting ruined during unfavorable market conditions.

The fun part of the bot is that you do not need to sit in front of your screen all day to look for trading opportunities. You have the freedom of time to go about your business, lectures (for students), or your 9-5 job while the bot trades for you. I am not promising that this will make you a millionaire in a day; that’s not the idea. This is not “abracadabra” or a get-rich-quick scheme; but rather, with a trading bot, you have a chance of earning passively and consistently too. You definitely stand a chance of getting to the millionaire status over time, but certainly not overnight.

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We have so many clients that are making money and paying off debts with the passive income they make with the help of the trading robot. A good example is the screenshot below where a client in our community paid off a N4 million debt.

In addition, there is no minimum capital required for trading with the bot. However, if you need capital, you can easily access any capital size of your choice with any of the prop firms available. Prop firms are institutions that give trading capital to traders to enable them trade and make profits. Afterwards, the profits are split and shared between the traders and the prop firms based on agreed terms. In most cases, the larger share of the profit goes to the trader.

For instance, you purchase a $20,000 prop firm account, then connect the Pips Pilot Expert Advisor to your trading account, and let us say you make about 5% in a month of trading; that’s $1000 in profit. If the prop firm you trade with has a profit split share of 80/20, this means you get to keep 80% of the profit while they keep 20%. You walk away with $800. If you live in Nigeria, do the math. That’s over N800,000 (6 figures) in passive income in just a month. Now, what do you think your gain will be if you get this result consistently for a year?

We have a whole lot of traders in our community who are already changing their financial status with the Pips Pilot Expert Advisor. The screenshot below is from a client who had recently funded his account with $2000; here is what he had to say:

Another client who used the bot also had this to say:


In summary, the advancement and involvement of technology in our daily activities could be a major key and a determining factor to our financial freedom if only we have the right information. This is evident in the use of robot trading with the help of the Pips Pilot Expert Advisor that has now turned many newbie and struggling traders to very profitable ones.

With the tutorials we provide on how to use the bot, you cannot go wrong if you follow and apply the instructions given. It’s a New Year, and I am willing to help you get started on this journey to making passive income through Forex.

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