From Noah Ebije, Kaduna
A Political Support group Known as “Got Your Back Nigeria”, for the 2023 presidential aspiration of Kogi State governor, Yahaya Bello has faulted zoning of the presidency, saying it is capable of denying the best brain for the nation’s number one political seat.
The Co-ordinator of the group , Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr, stated this in a press statement titled, ” 2023 Presidency: And the People’s Choice is GYB, Why , You May Ask”.
The statement said the falsehood and deciet deployed by  some political gladiators against Bello will fail because he (Bello) is the choice of Nigerians.
“Convinced that their falsehood isn’t sticking, the new stock in trade is zoning, a dogma that professes justice, but works injustice against the rights of the generality of the people to pursue any ambition they hold dear.
“Zoning is but the selfish call of the present political elite and players garbed as a call for justice and fairness, but nothing is just in seeking to deny others the right to run for the high office of President now or in the future. You cannot right a wrong by instituting another wrong. We cannot in pursuing our individual ambition deny others that right.
“Nigeria must create new ways of inclusion rather than seeking to deny others and indeed posterity the right to pursue their ambition at the banal altar of ‘your people have always produced a President and ours haven’t’. In the 21st century the minimums are competency and capacity, and not exclusion. Zoning is exclusion not inclusion. And we are open to any debate on this.
“Countrymen and women beyond the politics of zoning and power rotation a highly progressive world calls for competency and capacity, on this lever, Nigerians are poised and determined that Governor Yahaya Bello GYB becomes President Yahaya Bello PYB come 2023. Indeed a new and a prosperous Nigeria is possible. And so shall it be. God Bless Nigeria.
“Manifestly the masses of our people across ethnic and religious divides, across zonal tendencies and across partisan lines congregate at the parlour where issues about 2023 and the leadership minimums that Nigerians crave predominate the discuss. Nigerians are unanimous in the choice of Youth, Competency, Capacity, and Inclusiveness. Nigerians aggregate at the quest for a Republic beyond the politics of yesterday.
And Nigerians believe that together with GYB we can reset, restart and rework our nation for greatness. The reason for this confidence are multifarious and multifaceted. And against the deluge of falsehood that Governor Yahaya Bello’s political opponents bandy, we have consistently placed the truth before you.
“Like a pack of loose cards the desperate falsehood, perfidy and deceit deployed by a select group of political operators and gladiators to shoot down the aspiration of Governor Yahaya Bello for the high office of President fails because Truth never loses to falsehood.
“Here are some of the many lucid and incontrovertible reasons GYB is the people’s choice for President come 2023.
“To a nation seeking a way out of its monstrous dependence on Oil, GYB shows the way. Everyone agrees that for our nation Agriculture is one of the surest way out of the nadir, but whilst other leaders mouth it, GYB is practical about the great future that Agriculture holds for Nigeria, and through the Kogi Appeals Support, a special Agricultural Revolution Scheme thousands of Farmers are empowered yearly and Kogi has increasingly become the new food hub of the nation.
“Since Nigerians desire a man that knows it, the choice for 2023 is centred on Governor Yahaya Bello GYB becoming President Yahaya Bello PYB come 2023.
“On Security, Kogi State which is the only State in Nigeria that has as much as 10 Borders (9 States including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja) is doing profound under GYB. The GYB led government of Kogi State took the State from the low where Boko Haram had her IED making factory to the safest State in the entire North, and the second safest State in Nigeria. For his scorecard on Security, Nigerians believe that it has to be from Governor Yahaya Bello GYB to President Yahaya Bello PYB come 2023.
“The GYB infrastructural transformation of Kogi State ranging from the massive ultra modern Civic Centre, to the sprawling Ganaja Bridge and Flyover in Lokoja, amongst the many network of roads across the State, have turned Lokoja the State capital to one of the fastest growing cities in Africa, and made Kogi State one of the most functional States in Nigeria.
“Unlike some State Governors, GYB does not build roads and facilities only to use as much funds to commission them. GYB’s commitment to infrastructural development is one of the reasons Nigerians agree it has to be from Governor Yahaya Bello GYB to President Yahaya Bello PYB come 2023.
“On inclusion and integration, Kogi is arguably the mini Nigeria (it is multi religious, multi lingual and multi ethnic). And Kogi State under the watch of Governor Yahaya Bello GYB is a testimony of responsible and responsive leadership. GYB has been equitable in the spread of development and appointments across all credible tendencies in the State, he has shown fairness and justice to all and he has taken Kogi beyond the banal issues that trouble today’s Nigeria. For this cause Nigerians aggregate on the fact that it has to be from Governor Yahaya Bello GYB to President Yahaya Bello PYB come 2023.
“On COVID-19 and allied issues, GYB’s dogged insistence that Nigeria must interrogate the COVID-19 pandemic and grow indigenous approach to it, and the deployment of the COVID-19 stimulus package into building one of the biggest medical facilities in West Africa are lucid mementoes of the GYB magic. Indeed the Kogi Reference Hospital is sure to reduce medical tourism in Nigeria. And Nigerians agree that GYB is the sure bet for the high office of President come 2023.
“On Youth inclusion and gender parity, GYB runs the most successful Youth centred and all inclusive administration in Nigeria. He runs the most gender sensitive and inclusive administration in the whole of Africa. GYB does not only mouth Youth and Gender inclusion he lives it. For this cause the Youth O’clock fervency is centred on the choice of GYB for President come 2023.
“On commitment to service oriented and purpose driven leadership, GYB surmounted a very wicked and a most impish and devious machination to wit the rumoured placing of funds meant for Salaries in Kogi State in a profit yielding account in Sterling Bank, that demonic script targeted at rubbishing the GYB legacy didn’t deter him, instead GYB took Kogi State to the top of the World Bank rating of States in Nigeria.
“It is on record that Kogi State is arguably the best in fiscal and financial discipline in Governance in today’s Nigeria. For his scorecard in Fiscal and Financial Discipline, Nigerians are unanimous in the choice of GYB for President come 2023.
“On Workers welfare, not only has GYB cleared the backlog of salaries he inherited when he became Governor. He is not owing Kogi workers, except perhaps the Ghost Workers since eliminated from the payroll by the Biometric forensics that showed that before he became Governor Kogi State was a massive workers pay fraud. Also GYB has taken Kogi State to the top of the chart in States that pay Medical and health workers as at when due.
“On the Minimum wage question, GYB has shown capacity and commitment to the plight of Kogi workers by joining the league of the States that pay the new minimum wage, this indeed is regardless of the meagre resources that accrue to Kogi State from the Federation Account, and testamentary of the commitment of the effective watchman and compassionate leader to the minimums that governance must be about the well-being of the people. And that is why Nigerians are united in the quest for a GYB Presidency come 2023.
“Again on Agriculture, GYB inherited a Rice farming State that had no functional Rice Mill to receive the raw materials from her numerous Rice Farmers, today however, the story is different as Kogi State has one of the most functional Rice Mills in Nigeria. On this amazing GYB magic and more devolves the call of Nigerians to Governor Yahaya Bello to seek the high office of President come 2023.
“On Job Creation, GYB has lifted Kogi State from the State where hundreds of thousands, if not millions of unemployable youths across the State struggle without hope, to the State with one of the best Skill Acquisition and Informal Education programmatic. GYB is creating jobs and making the seemingly unemployable employable. For this cause the masses agree that come 2023 it has to be from Governor Yahaya Bello GYB to President Yahaya Bello PYB.
“On education, the Kogi State University before GYB was one of the least funded Tertiary institutions in Nigeria, today the Kogi State University is one of the most funded and improved tertiary institutions in the Country. And the same applies to the entire Kogi State educational architecture, with GYB education is the way to go, little wonder Nigerians agree that GYB is the choice for the Nigeria of our dreams, and 2023 is our date with destiny.
“Compatriots, the Youth O’clock vision and the agenda for a GYB Presidency come 2023 is rooted on the remarkable strides and the deafening success of GYB in Kogi State. It stands on the infrastructural highs of Kogi under GYB. It is predicated on GYB’s impact on the sociopolitical stage, and on his monstrous human capital development in the State of Kogi.
“The GYB feats are phenomenal and his achievements in Education, Housing, Security, healthcare et cetera profound. And GYB fits the bill for the responsible and responsive President we crave. Together with GYB we can birth and berth a new Nigeria come 2023” The Statement said.